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nikki ♫ ([personal profile] fascinates) wrote2011-12-23 11:49 pm

A Super Late Hello

I know some of you have already subscribed to me but it took me eons to add people back and I'm sorry.

Actually, this is the first time I'm using this journal after almost a year. LOL. Personally, I am not very long-winded when it comes to daily stuff (which mostly consists of DIE WORK and MY NET IS SO SLOW) so I mostly use Plurk and Twitter for those things. But since it came to my attention that I have over 20 people adding me here, I guess I should go back to using this thing for real. I just don't know what.

Before, in LJ, I used to document my life on a daily basis, including RL, fandom, and miscellaneous thoughts that enter my head while I was editing some person's manuscript. But when I changed fandoms (I was in Tenimyu before) and changed blogging sites, it became a bit of a chore to write about everything that happens in my life in detail. I know I would want to do it because it'll be nice to go back and see how stupid I was a few years ago, but I guess I'm just too occupied with a lot of things to offer time for things like this. By this I mean reflective and/or fangirly personal posts.

But when I saw people actually posting here and adding me, I'm encouraged to pick up blogging again and at least try to update people with my life so they don't go panicky over my sudden disappearances or something XD. It will also be therapeutic for me to type out my thoughts, I guess, instead of just keeping them bottled or just rambling them off to Stephie.

So, while I probably won't take up translation again any time soon (my community duties increase as the year ends/starts), I'll try my best to update with interesting stuff, or...just update. We'll see how we go from here. I hope you guys (especially those new to DW) post a lot, too, since it's a bit disheartening when I just see my own community posts in my friends list.

Anyway, welcome and I don't bite like most of my friends say. I just drag people into fandoms and corrupt them a little, but really, I'm nice :) (I think).

For more info about me, I made a random intro post sometime ago! If you have other questions, lemme at 'em!

↓; ↓; ↓; ↓;

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