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These two issues are both pretty old, but has a striking effect on Vocaloid/utattemita non-Japanese, particularly to those active in YT and/or Tumblr. I don't know enough of either issue to meddle personally or to give my two cents to the people involved, so you get to read my tl;dr thoughts here. I just feel it's unfair that Amatsuki or ORYO can't explain their sentiments to their non-Japanese fans. This is just to get them off my chest, so feel free to ignore or do whatever you want after reading this.

Please remember that I am not pointing fingers nor blaming anyone. I am stating the facts regarding the issues and my thoughts on the behavior of fans after that.

super tl;dr taimu! )
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I've posted the 2011 Annual Utattemita Ranking in [community profile] ofurotaimu but I must say I didn't feel happy with the ranking. Of course this is primarily because I like unpopular covers of songs and I'm not fond of most of the utaite in the rankings. It can't be denied that they're all very, very popular, but my own tastes are entirely different from what was reflected in the ranking to be the general consensus.

So I decided to compile my own list ; A ; . I'm not as epic as Utaran-san so I only included the 50 covers of 2011 that I really like. Really like means listening to them over and over! Most of them are not in the ranking in the comm. Also, I tried my best to limit my choices, like I only chose one cover for one song (except for Karakuri Pierrot, which is really a song I love and I cannot choose one cover I like). There are some repetitions of utaite names here, too coughclearcough but I tried minimizing that XD;.

IDK how interesting this list will be to you but I hope you discover a singer or two! I assure you all of the people/songs in this list are awesome :3.

50 songs, not arranged in order )

Well, I also wanted to do a Vocaloid version but I actually have a LOT of favorite Vocaloid songs this year that 50 might not cut it and 100 is just O_O. I'll die! So I guess I'll let it slide this time XD.
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I know some of you have already subscribed to me but it took me eons to add people back and I'm sorry.

Actually, this is the first time I'm using this journal after almost a year. LOL. Personally, I am not very long-winded when it comes to daily stuff (which mostly consists of DIE WORK and MY NET IS SO SLOW) so I mostly use Plurk and Twitter for those things. But since it came to my attention that I have over 20 people adding me here, I guess I should go back to using this thing for real. I just don't know what.

Before, in LJ, I used to document my life on a daily basis, including RL, fandom, and miscellaneous thoughts that enter my head while I was editing some person's manuscript. But when I changed fandoms (I was in Tenimyu before) and changed blogging sites, it became a bit of a chore to write about everything that happens in my life in detail. I know I would want to do it because it'll be nice to go back and see how stupid I was a few years ago, but I guess I'm just too occupied with a lot of things to offer time for things like this. By this I mean reflective and/or fangirly personal posts.

But when I saw people actually posting here and adding me, I'm encouraged to pick up blogging again and at least try to update people with my life so they don't go panicky over my sudden disappearances or something XD. It will also be therapeutic for me to type out my thoughts, I guess, instead of just keeping them bottled or just rambling them off to Stephie.

So, while I probably won't take up translation again any time soon (my community duties increase as the year ends/starts), I'll try my best to update with interesting stuff, or...just update. We'll see how we go from here. I hope you guys (especially those new to DW) post a lot, too, since it's a bit disheartening when I just see my own community posts in my friends list.

Anyway, welcome and I don't bite like most of my friends say. I just drag people into fandoms and corrupt them a little, but really, I'm nice :) (I think).

For more info about me, I made a random intro post sometime ago! If you have other questions, lemme at 'em!

↓; ↓; ↓; ↓;
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I got this cute link from [personal profile] ohaesthetics and the results were too funny not to share XD. This was my result.

You are Orange Sheep, who is quiet sort, and is a touchable person. But you possess feminine attraction as well. This may seem like flirting to fellow women, and may be misunderstood by men. You are a sociable, but tend to keep a distance from people, and will not show your real emotions and feelings easily. Although you are modest, you are a proud person as well. You don't apologize or yield to things. You have great tactics to make others take in your demand, without them realizing that they are doing so. You are extremely good at negotiating and bargaining. You tend to feel isolated, and in order to overcome that loneliness, you have lots of interests. You have sharp eyes, and can make your ideals come true by effectively adopting other people's expectations. Although you lack leadership sort of action, you have perseverance to take up any challenge. You can also use money efficiently, and therefore you are a shrewd shopper. You are good at catching the heart of men. You will be liked by different type of people. But this may give them false idea, and cause misunderstanding. Although you may take men lightly, once married, you will become a devoted wife and a mother.

- "quiet and touchable" wat XD
- feminine attraction is kind of a lie. i don't even know how to flirt orz
- the next two statements are kind of true
- "You have great tactics to make others take in your demand, without them realizing that they are doing so." <-- hahahahahaha*chokecoughchoke*
- the next two statements are so true, especially the second one.
- "You have sharp eyes, and can make your ideals come true by effectively adopting other people's expectations." <-- not really orz
- "You can also use money efficiently, and therefore you are a shrewd shopper." <-- NOT ANYMORE
- "You are good at catching the heart of men." <-- This is why I'm still single.
- "But this may give them false idea, and cause misunderstanding." <-- I'm scared, what does this mean lol.
- "Although you may take men lightly, once married, you will become a devoted wife and a mother." <-- ......o, okay ._.

What are your results, guys? XD
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I can't find the rest of my recordings for this. This is supposed to be a 2-part nama but I can only find the first part. Anyway, this is nero's first namahousou with Clear. Net lingo + namahousou tutorials + reliving the past abound.

i guess it's necessary to say that they were in the same room during this nama, since Nero doesn't know how a namahousou works then )
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Because I keep talking about UTATTEMITA and UTAITE and NICO NICO DOUGA in my LJ/DW, I figured I should write what it's about and give a wide view on what to expect from it. Also, since Noey-san said she wanted samples. So here?

My current fandom is about utaite (singers) or to be more specific, amateur singers who upload covers of their songs in the Youtube-like Japanese site Nico Nico Douga. What makes this fandom interesting is the tons of genre, people, meme and other fandoms that you can encounter in it. This fandom has no bounds, is continuously growing, has lots of stories and projects and will be forever adding new people each day for you to discover. While this fandom is mostly Japanese, there are non-Japanese people who are also considered "utaite". To avoid confusion, I only refer to singers as utaite when they upload covers in Nico Nico Douga.

At present, amateur singers in Nico Nico Douga, which we prefer calling utaite, mostly cover Vocaloid songs. Vocaloid is another story in itself, so for now you may read Wiki's boring explanation of it. Basically, people (producers) make songs (either covers of existing songs or originals) using Vocaloid and upload it in Nico Nico Douga. Then, utaite take those songs and make covers of them, just like what they do with anime, game and mainstream songs.

Anway, here is my personal list of people and songs you should check out as a newbie to the utattemita fandom. I actually made one like this a year ago, but I guess it's time to mix new songs with classic ones so here I go again XD. All the people and songs here are my personal preferences. Some people have their own. Who knows, you might discover someone else along the way and get hooked on him/her XD. Please consider this just as a guide or as a sample list, not as a representative of the whole utattemita fandom.

This is just the list + group dl link for those who just want to download and go off on their own. More explanation + individual links under the cut.

Download Folder
(4 zip files)

Note: I got a little carried away. There are 50 songs in this post.

the nitty gritty details under the cut )

And those are literally my favorite songs in Nico Nico Douga---not really XD. Sorry for the length but I tried covering all possible genre and voice types. I really took it easy on the crack songs because I don't want to break new people's brains so early.

If the file is too big for you to download, I suggest reading the list and listen to the songs that pique your interest. Then you can move on from there :).

Also, on a personal note to Noey-san, since I wrote this with her in mind, here are some of our peers' favorite singers:
Nikki : Clear, Tourai, Choucho, Seriyu
Len: Asamaru, Wotamin
Lyn: Nodoame, Tourai
Luna: Gero (specifically XD)
Yama: Valshe (I didn't know! XD)

Despite the length of this primer, I hope it helps? ;w; If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I would write more, but there are tons I have already written in [community profile] ofurotaimu. Just look at the first post in the comm and the tags.
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So, because a discussion about "Shinkirou no Janna" has been opened in Twitter, I had to post this. Remember, Dasoku's overly sexy singing of the song? Or Panyo's panty-grabbing cover? How about Mi-chan's sexy with amazing Engrish included cover?

When I first listened to Mi-chan's cover, I didn't understand it one bit. Well, I did, but apparently what I understood wasn't what he was saying. Anyway, here's my (fake) transcription of the serifu in the song. It is recommended that you listen to his cover so you'll understand why I heard the words as such.

embed yay!

please don't take this seriously )

Thanks to Xeti, we have the REAL transcription of Mi-chan's lines here. I did a translation of the song a long time ago here.
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Breaking my continuous utaite spam with this.

/shat bricks turned them into puzzles etc.


I...I need to go home and roll on my bed like a giggly highschooler right now!!
Okay maybe not. I'll just die here in the office.
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Lately, a lot of people have been asking for access/subscribing. I hope I didn't miss any when I granted access to people! Anyway, welcome! My journal is a bit empty at the moment because I'm busy to death with work so I hope you'll forgive me for that. I will have new translations up sometime next week as soon as I am finished with revamping Kaichou and [community profile] ofurotaimu. Lately, Japanese people visiting both sites and tweeting about them/telling me about them have been stressing me out. So I wanted to make both more organized at least ^^ (and less scary--- wait, I'm not scary D:).

As usual, I'd like to remind people that my livejournal and my dreamwidth have identical content so feel free to friend either. Although, as I stated in my post sometime ago, I frequent DW much more hence I reply here faster if you have any questions ^^;.

Okay, I have to get back to work, I just want to greet everyone who friended me before they think I'm a snob ;_;. Thank you for adding and hopefully, you'll find useful stuff or something :D.


A bit of a trivium: Aki Akane has always viewed Clear as a "megane", even before her PointFive artwork for their album. After all, she's the one who drew the art for Clear and Dasoku's magnet which recently just reached 2 million views ^^.
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Surprisingly, this is not an utattemita-related post w, but it's still Nicovideo-related. Anyway, last night some people might have noticed I was a bit upset in Skype, Plurk and Twitter and I kind of got just a little sleep then, too. Thanks to those who asked, but the one who has a problem wasn't me ^^;;;. I'm just being a busybody being worried about people.

more under the cut )

So, I apologize if people worried about my tweets and Skype stuff last night. I try not to get affected but I guess when you've had conversations with a person even if you don't know each other for real, it's hard to ignore.

But I'm fine now and hopefully, he is too. Sorry guys ^^;. It wasn't as grave as you think, don't worry :). Thank you to everyone who asked BTW. It was hard to explain so I had to write a post LOL.
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I took the personality test [personal profile] southerncross posted in Plurk a while ago. It is this one. I took this a while back and remembered the results even if I don't remember what I answered. Surprisingly, the results changed drastically for me :|. Does this mean I've evolved? ^^;

results )

→ I don't know how accurate it seems to other people, but there are some I agree with. However, I find the education part and the seriousness of love a bit O_O. LOL. I don't really see myself as that but IDK...

Anyway, I clicked the "give me more" link and it led me to another test, which is this. This is the result...

result! )

→ Aren't 2 and 3 a little...clashing? ^^;

The rest of the tests were all about love, love, love and I'm like Y_Y;;;. So it stops here XD;.
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Just a short notice.

Tinypic has closed its doors on non-North American uploaders and had killed image links of those who aren't registered and aren't in North America. All my pictures are uploaded in tinypic, so that means all the image links in this journal, in my communities and forums are down, unless you're from North America and then you can see them.

Apparently, Tinypic allows you to check your folders for your previous uploads but you cannot link to them anymore (well, for me). I have hundreds of images in Tinypic, and IDK how the hell I'm going to fix all the links for those.

So anyway, expect to see a lot of image errors here and in my communities. Sorry about that. They should've given a notice seriously. I don't even know how to start reorganizing. OTL.

ETA: Okay, now it's back up? I can see my images again? I don't really know what's happening ffff.
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This has been bugging me the moment I opened clear's fansite but I haven't really dealt with it because I am so busy. Despite my 'busy mode', I'd like to hear the thoughts of clear's fans in my flist :).

Inevitably, Clear will notice the fansite. Either people will tell him or I have to eventually tell him through e-mail, to receive his confidence and permission for the website. I haven't gotten to the part of worrying how to e-mail him and tell him to scold me/us when I/we do something offensive in the site, but anyway...

Would you like to have a Clear message page or something for the site? Basically it's where fans can put their thoughts/dedications/show of support to Clear. The messages can be written in both English and Japanese and I'll link to it at the front page. Anyone can post (although I have to approve first time commenters). Of course there'd be a notice to write in very simple English so the messages will be understood easily. There'll also be certain rules like no flooding, no marriage proposals, no sex offers, etc /shot.

That page, I will link to Clear when it gets enough messages. It's more of "you have tons of fans outside Japan but they cannot speak Japanese well and are shy to contact you; here are their thoughts and messages that they would like to to tell you". Maybe I'll leave it open for three months and then give the link to him as a Christmas gift or something LOL, I don't know yet. But I would like to know if people would want that sort of thing. I know we cannot send him stuff easily so this is the next best thing I can think of.

TBH, I've only written to three utaite/producers in my entire fandom lifetime and I'm not very confident with this project thingy, but since so many people are visiting the site and being happy for Clear, I thought he needs to witness how much people support him, not only in Japan but all over the world. IDK if he has xenophobia and he might shun me or make me close the site lmfao, but it might be worth a try?

Please tell me what you think and if you have any suggestions, feel free to share! Thank you very much! <3
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I had a great update last night with pictures, but I kind of forgot to do it because of brain-breakage. So, you will get a placeholder here.

Have you ever encountered a favorite male seiyuu in a hentai anime role?

It's different from hearing them in those adult otome games, really (crap, there was one with Yonaga Tsubasa, "Royals?" and I kind of fell off my chair in his H-scene OTL). IDK maybe it's because I don't really watch hentai things unless it's really needed.

When I was still reviewing anime for some site, hentai included, I had the opportunity to watch (even if they're all kinda boring) hentai stuff with uh...Sakurai Takahiro (he was a bokke prince thingy) and if I'm not mistaken Nakai Kazuya and Nojima Kenji (I THINK? Or was it someone else?!). But since they're not really favorites, not to mention Nakai Kazuya's voice passes off as a perv in all his works /shot, I wasn't that O_O at them.

But last night, I had the curiosity to check someone's link in twitter to some boring, same-old hentai scene which source I do not know (IDK the title). It was pretty meh until I realized that the guy in the scene was Ishida Akira.



Sadistic Ishida Akira?!


Is it obvious that I'm used to seeing him in gentle/weirdly quiet roles? I'm kind of bothered now ;;
Even in BL I never saw his characters as dominating, forceful, scheming characters (okay, scheming maybe).

Okay don't mind me I'm just all @_@ at this LOL.

Nothing beats Sakurai Takahiro as Edward Cullen though. That beats all the brainbreakage material out there okay i'll shut up now
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Note: not to be taken seriously =w=

After Clear released his album, people around him seemed to be extra aggressive in winning his hand in marriage getting close to him/getting his attention :3.

• Dasoku
- After Dasoku's mini photoshoot with Clear's poster (taken by Gero), he seems to not care about Clear's album release and all that.
- But actually, as Clear said in his namahousou, he is actually playing FFXIV with Clear (and Asamaru). Clear said that he cannot play FF without Asamaru as a guide and if Asamaru is online, then most probably Dasoku is and he'll be happy then :3.
- Of course there is also that questionable Dearest CM where Dasoku spouts off suspicious nonsense like, "If I held on to your hand that time, will our future change?"
- Clear's reaction to Dasoku's CM was, "Dasoku-san is really interesting, isn't he? Now on sale LOLOL."
- After that, [personal profile] crimsonfire3 said that Dasoku kind of admitted something during his zombie game marathon with Valshe (namahousou), which didn't have timeshift and was very annoying XD.

Valshe: Who do like more, me or Moka?
Dasoku: (missed answer)
Valshe: Do you like Clear?
Dasoku: Yes.
Valshe: /spazz?!?!?!
Dasoku: ...as a friend.

PS: Of course, Dasoku had to add more to the fire by posting a photo of him wearing shirt with a questionable design :D

• Vivienne
- Apparently, Vivienne's mom is a huge Clear fan even if she is not aware of it. She shared a conversation with her mom with Clear this afternoon. Clear wondered if the image of him stuck in Vivi's mom's head is his voice in Cendrillon.

Vivienne: Clear-kun released his album, you know!
Mom: Clear?
Vivienne: The prince! Prince!
Mom: Oh! Really? I want to listen to the album. Maybe I should buy it later when I go out!

And Vivienne's mom bought the CD, even texting Vivienne asking for the title of Clear's CD XD;. How domestic.

• Jack
- How random, since they never talk at all, but apparently they exchange kisses in twitter XD.

• Wotamin
- Wotamin and Clear rarely talk nowadays aside from Twitter and sometimes in Clear's namahousou where she has a backstage pass, but one fine day, this package arrived at Minmin's doorstep. She tweeted about how happy she is that it came and we would have all gone back to our boring lives if Clear hadn't replied with, "I am so glad it arrived safely!" And Wotamin replied with, "Thank you so much! I'm listening to them right now!" /COUGH. I see someone tried hard to make someone listen to his CDs :3.
- Of course there's also their random Twitter flirtings (which people cut into, I'm looking at you, Nem /shot) and one point where Wotamin forbade people from replying to her with "ggrks" and clear replied with the link to their ggrks cover.

• Nero
- Nero is an enigma to me, seriously. It's probably because his namahousou voice and face look very serious that...IDK. Anyway, he's also in the Dearest CM where he had a very RL-like comment which includes stuff about them being neighbors, reminiscing their past ("the sight, smell, sound of my heart at that time~") and of course the now infamous "Kono album, peropero shitai yo!" (This album, I want to lick it).
- Clear's reaction to Nero's CM were, "Nero's speaking voice here makes me feel weird LOL" and "Why are you speaking this way?" and "You don't lick it, oi". (He even imitated Nero's peropero thingy.) And he ended with, "Too bad he's an ikemen, right?"
- And then this afternoon, Nero uploaded a rather wonderful version of Shinpakusuu 0822 which Clear RT'd with "I've liked you since junior high, please marr(ry...) to which fans replied with tons of things like, "Please recite this in Nicoraji" and "I have fixed the wedding hall!" and "Did you get his second button when you graduated?!"
- After a bit, Nero replied to the tweet with "We shall start by peropero-ing" to which Clear said, "Don't get carried away!" /cough
- A bit of update in Clear's nama at the moment, was his reaction to his own tweet about asking Nero to get married, "Eh, I won't marry...because I can't right? I want to marry a girl." <-- ;_____;

PS: Clear also posted a locked entry in his ameblo, which is just an embed of Nero's Shinpakusuu and the comment, "This singing voice, I want to lick it" ^^;


On a more serious note, Clear is thinking of new stuff to include with is CD/releases aside from the super cute button stickers which were released with "Colors". He was considering phone straps, "clear" files and eyeglass wipers, calendars, etc. I would not say no to a life-size cardboard statue, to be honest.

Okay, I will end this before I include more people into the list like Asamaru and Marasy and other people LOL.
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Another utaite-related post, so non-fans, you can be relieved now :).

This is in relation to my post in ofurotaimu regarding Kettaro, a girl and a radio show scandal. I cannot include this translation in the community post because it's very sensitive and impolite to Kettaro. It might cause a stir in the comm, too, so I'm keeping this here.

I didn't write this because I think it's fun and interesting. I wrote this because I'm thoroughly disturbed by the issue and I need an outlet to let my opinions out. Since I don't want to keep explaining what happened, why disturbed, etc., I've included notes taken from the namahousou in question. To be honest, I am more disturbed with the way the issue was handled than the issue itself. I have my own opinions, which I will post after my summary. This post is locked, but not filtered and I trust that everyone will keep this within the confines of my DW/LJ. I personally think the issue was a breach of Kettaro's privacy and I do not wish to entertain public discussions about it. This post is just to let things off my chest as I've been really bothered by this this morning.

WARNINGS: The script under the cut is very TMI and graphic. I toned down the language because I can't take writing them but still, the thought is there. I think I want to strangle this girl after listening to the interview for Kettaro's sake, but anyway...If you are a Kettaro fan and you do not want to meddle in his private affairs, please skip this.

...I should include a do not read under 18 warning or something, I think..............

Kettaro-Mucchi incident, more detailed version )

HAH. I've said all. I will forget about this then and continue with my life. I'm very, very sorry to anyone who I might have offended with this post. I was facepalming all the time I was writing this although I admit I laughed a little at the pink lighting (sorry ;_;. it's just that. PINK FFFF). I hope this post would be of help to people wanting to know about the issue in detail, though. It's not very pleasant to read it but it'll give you a lesson in life: do not pick up weird obsessive girls from mixi Be careful when meeting people from the Internet for the first time, no matter how close you are.
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I am extremely busy at the moment and I have a freaking cold, hence I will stop looking at [community profile] ofurotaimu every hour and actually concentrate on work this week :). Sorry ;_;.

For now...please answer a meme for me?


Thank youuuuuu ♥
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I only listened to 1/2 of the show, but there were a lot of interesting stuff in it already that I managed to write enough for an entry XD;. This live has a lot of revelations, from clewota's weird relationship, to clear's family background, to how clear reacts when he sees himself in a poster, to the big "what do dasoku and clear do inside the soundproofed room?" question.

The last part was a joke, but you know that already :D.

highlights under the cut )

And in case you don't know already, I gave in and made this adorable man a fansite.

Yeaaah. Only news and public stuff will be there, though. Translations like this will always be under lock :).

Okay, I just realized I haven't eaten both breakfast and lunch. And it's 3PM. I need to find something to eat ==;


Aug. 27th, 2010 08:18 am
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A small note to everyone in OPENID: I was a bit confused with circle/f-list management here in DW so it took me a while to give access to some people, especially those with openid ^^;. But I think it's all okay now. I also unsubscribed to the openid journals, I hope I didn't offend. It's just that some of you are already in LJ and I can follow you from there. Please note both this DW and my LJ have the same content (mostly) so feel free to follow either.

Thanks for adding and I hope we all get along well!


+()クルッ( )クルッ(ω・。)クルッ(。・ω・。)ノ

I'm too lazy to search for an image to go with this since I slept for, like, 3 hours because of you and Dasoku LMFAO.

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This is a repost from my LJ, basically stalking a chronology of what happened during Asamakku's first meetup on March 22, 2010 as well as quotes from Choucho's live on the same day. Please do not repost any of the translations or the entirety of the post, thanks!

for LJ friends, the original post is here

epic under the cut )

Anyway, enough of my heartbreak about Asamakku's live XD;. I watched Choucho's live last night, one of the rare lives she has (or was it the first?). She's so cute! I screencapped the live but I forgot the pictures at home ahahahah. I'll post them when I do my Nicosinger faces post.

I am also not the only one trolling listening in to Choucho, though. There's Tourai, Anima, etc. Then there's this gem...

Choucho: *reading comments* "Choucho, ILU - tou" ...Are you Tourai-san?
Choucho: Are you the real Tourai-san? If you are, please sing :|*
Tourai (in comments): Are you the real Choucho?
Choucho: You should be able to guess from my voice!

* This is in reference to that time Asamaru (or Choucho or someone from Asamakku) met Tourai for the first time and asked him to sing to prove that he's Tourai XD;.

And then, Choucho said she had planned to record an acoustic version of four songs but she'll only upload one. She asked people which it would be and doriko's Yuuhizaka won /o/ . I voted for it hahaha XD;. After a while, she asked what she should sing next.

Choucho: Now, what should I try singing next?
Choucho: Ehhh why so forceful?

Okay, report done XD;. It was a really tiring day, especially since I have to go back and forth listening to lives, listening to utattemita ranking and writing posts ^^;. I'm tired and sleepy now but all is well~~.
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