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An Intro to Utattemita, Nikki's Version (50 sample-list)

Because I keep talking about UTATTEMITA and UTAITE and NICO NICO DOUGA in my LJ/DW, I figured I should write what it's about and give a wide view on what to expect from it. Also, since Noey-san said she wanted samples. So here?

My current fandom is about utaite (singers) or to be more specific, amateur singers who upload covers of their songs in the Youtube-like Japanese site Nico Nico Douga. What makes this fandom interesting is the tons of genre, people, meme and other fandoms that you can encounter in it. This fandom has no bounds, is continuously growing, has lots of stories and projects and will be forever adding new people each day for you to discover. While this fandom is mostly Japanese, there are non-Japanese people who are also considered "utaite". To avoid confusion, I only refer to singers as utaite when they upload covers in Nico Nico Douga.

At present, amateur singers in Nico Nico Douga, which we prefer calling utaite, mostly cover Vocaloid songs. Vocaloid is another story in itself, so for now you may read Wiki's boring explanation of it. Basically, people (producers) make songs (either covers of existing songs or originals) using Vocaloid and upload it in Nico Nico Douga. Then, utaite take those songs and make covers of them, just like what they do with anime, game and mainstream songs.

Anway, here is my personal list of people and songs you should check out as a newbie to the utattemita fandom. I actually made one like this a year ago, but I guess it's time to mix new songs with classic ones so here I go again XD. All the people and songs here are my personal preferences. Some people have their own. Who knows, you might discover someone else along the way and get hooked on him/her XD. Please consider this just as a guide or as a sample list, not as a representative of the whole utattemita fandom.

This is just the list + group dl link for those who just want to download and go off on their own. More explanation + individual links under the cut.

Download Folder
(4 zip files)

Note: I got a little carried away. There are 50 songs in this post.

* to download, click the "MP3 を抽出" tab just below the stream.


01. Ocean ([REN])
Ren actually has a lot of wonderful songs, but this is the one that really caught my heart.
| youtube | download | lyrics |

02. Kasoukyoku (amu)
amu is a guy, just saying.
| youtube | download | lyrics |

03. World's End Dancehall (Anima)
Anima is also famous for his Another: songs, which are rewrites of otherwise female songs into male versions.
| youtube | download | lyrics |

04. Kimi no Taion (Asamaru)
This is my most favorite Asamaru song ever. He's good at singing alternative, BUMP of CHICKEN-like songs.
| youtube | download | lyrics |

05. Servant of Evil (ASK)
This won't be a primer without ASK's best & most popular sad ballad.
| youtube | download | lyrics |

06. girlfriend (BuzzPanda)
BuzzPanda is known for making acoustic covers of songs like this one.
| youtube | download |

07. When Love Ends for the First Time (Choucho)
Choucho's songs are all beautiful in my opinion, but this one established her popularity. She sings pop ballads the best.
| youtube | download | lyrics |

08. Fire◎Flower (Clear)
Clear is my favorite singer, so it's hard to select his "best" song. TBH. So I went with what got me to like him first.
| youtube | download | lyrics |

09. Paradise of Mirage/Shinkirou no Janna (Dasoku)
Dasoku sings rock songs wonderfully, but his sexy songs are his forte. Please watch out for inevitable nosebleed or sth.
| youtube | download | lyrics |

10. colors100001 - (F9)
F9 sings really nice ballads because of her gentle, thin voice which can reach very high notes.
| youtube | download |

11. Just Be Friends -piano ver.- (Gero)
Gero is more known for his screamo and crack covers, but I prefer including here something he rarely sings.
| youtube | download | lyrics |

12. Melt -million version- (halyosy)
halyosy is now a professional singer singing/composing for the group Absorb. This is his second version of Melt, which he sang as a 'thank you' for his first Melt cover reaching 1m views. Cryful ending ;;
| youtube | download | lyrics |

13. A Thousand-Year Solo/Sennen no Dokusou ka (Jack)
Jack is known for having a high range and solid voice. He forms ASAMAKKU with Asamaru, and they do collabs and live streaming together.
| youtube | download | lyrics |

14. VOiCE (Kettaro)
Kettaro is known for his covers with really fast singing/rapping.
| youtube | download | lyrics in YT vid |

15. ES ~dirty aspiration~ (Kouhei)
Kouhei is famous for his screamo, rock covers. If you want to be woken up, listen to his covers w
| youtube | download |

16. The Eve of the Sakura/Sakura no Zenya (Kushi)
Kushi is also a composer (she composed Shinkirou no Janna) and mostly sings alternative rock.
| youtube | download | lyrics |

17. I Don't Have Wings but I Still Fly/Hane wa Nai Kedo Watashi wa Toberu (Lilie)
Lilie is mostly connected to her fantasy-like covers. She has a high range, a wonderfully rich voice and a way with making the song sound magical. She calls her autotuned voice "Bohemian voice".
| youtube | download |

18. Matryoshka (Mi-chan)
Mi-chan has a rockish deep voice which is why he's mostly known for his rock covers. He also is said to have a "sexy" voice like Dasoku, hence he used to be dubbed as Dasoku's "younger brother". He also is head over heels with his cat.
| youtube | download | lyrics |

19. Pieces of Memory/Omoide Kakera (neko)
neko is a known screamo/hard rock singer, a bit more on the screamo side than Kouhei.
| youtube | download |

20. Just a Game (nero)
nero is just a new singer and is mostly known as Clear's best friend. He does jazz songs and ballads really well, but there's so much more to hear from him XD
| youtube | download | lyrics |

21. Song of Heaven/Tengaku (Nodoame)
Nodoame is also a hard rock singer, and like Kouhei has a way with making the most innocently pop songs sound so awesomely hardcore.
| youtube | download | lyrics |

22. SPiCa (Nowaru)
Nowaru's name is translated as 'Noir' but there's another Noir so I'm sticking to this romanization. Nowaru rarely uploads, and this is her most popular cover. Her rich deep voice made the song sound so lovely.
| youtube | download | lyrics |

23. Dark Alice/Yami Iro Alice (Piko)
Piko is now a pro singer using the same name. He is a guy, even if he also has a girly high range like Amu.
| youtube | download | lyrics |

24. The Song With No Name/Namae no Nai Uta (Riseha)
Riseha sings a wide range of songs, usually ranging from upbeat pop to ballads. She has a way of singing Len songs well because she can sound like a little boy sometimes (well, not really, just kind of like a little boy LOL).
| youtube | download | lyrics |

25. Alice (Ritsuka)
Ritsuka has a voice similar to F9, thin and gentle with a high range. She also has an epic cover of Roshin Yuukai, but I like this one more.
| youtube | download | lyrics |

26. glow (Seriyu)
Seriyu is my favorite female singer next to Choucho. She has a really gentle, smooth voice which makes any song sound so peaceful. This is one of her recent covers and she still has a lot of wonderful songs worth listening to, like her Romeo and Cinderella, which is one of the first songs that got me to like female Nico singers.
| youtube | download | lyrics |

27. Dear (ShounenT)
ShounenT is also a fairly new singer. He mostly does acoustic covers of songs although he is more flexible now. He prefers singing ballads and used to adore Clear a lot.
| youtube | download | lyrics |

28. Grinding Glasses and Moonbugs/Guriguri Megane to Gekkouchuu (Tabun Jibun)
Tabun Jibun is known for his ballads which sound country song-ish because of his rough voice.
| youtube | download |

29. Nuclear Reactor Meltdown/Roshin Yuukai (Tourai
Tourai is also a Vocaloid producer (minato). He has a lot of other amazing covers, but this is the song that got me liking utaite in the first place, so it gets a spot here in the hopes that it'll/he'll invite people in too!
| youtube | download | lyrics |

30. Calc. (Usa)
Usa is a versatile singer for she has the best of both worlds: a nice low range and a wonderful high reach. She often does collabs with Tourai. This song is her with a lower voice than usual.
| youtube | download | lyrics |

31. Butterfly on the Right Shoulder/Migikata no Chou (Valshe)
Valshe is mostly known for her boyish voice and pretty legs powerful covers. She has other amazing covers, but this is the best (and most popular), in my opinion.
| youtube | download | lyrics |

32. Scissorhands (vip-tenchou)
vip-tenchou recently became popular because of his girly voice. He's a guy, definitely. She, oops I mean he, also does crack covers/parodies.
| youtube | download | lyrics |

33. Sweet Devil (Wotamin)
Wotamin is mostly known for her beautiful ballads and collaborations with Clear, hence I chose this song as her sample because it shows a side she rarely shows and not many people can sing this song well (she's the only one who can, imotbh).
| youtube | download | lyrics |

34. Love Atomic Transfer (Vivienne)
Vivienne is popular for her Paradichlorobenzene cover, which is a song that can get you killed if you sing it (it's fast XD). But since I included that in my previous primer, I'm using a more feminine, pop-ish cover of hers this time.
| youtube | download | lyrics |

35. Piano x Forte x Scandal (Yamai
Yamai forms a group with Usa called Usa Colony. She's mostly known for her low-key, sexy voice. She sings a lot of ballads but she also sounds good in her jazzy covers.
| youtube | download | lyrics |


36. Eh? Aa, Sou. (Mi-chan x Shamuon)
This song has a lot of beautiful covers by different popular utaite. However, this one will forever be my favorite.
| youtube | download | lyrics |

37. The Garden where the Dragon Sleeps/Ryuu no Naku Hako ni wa Yori (che:sakurai x Hitori)
This is not their best song (individually) but I had to include it as an example of how you should not trust your ears. Hitori and Che are both girls.
| youtube | download | lyrics |

38. The Rondo of the Sun and Moon/Taiyou to Tsuki no Rondo (Keisen x Choucho)
I don't have any words for it except it's awesomely lovely ;;? Choucho and Keisen's voices complement each other so well.
| youtube | download | lyrics |

39. HAKOBAKO PLAYER (Amu x Riseha)
Amu x Riseha is one of my favorite collabs, even more than Amu x Miy (the more popular one).
| youtube | download | lyrics |

40. Juvenile (Clear x Wotamin)
Clewota is my OTP favorite male-female collab. They have a more popular song, "ggrks" but I included this one because it marked their second anniversary as a duo. Plus Clearap = amazingly amusing.
| youtube | download | lyrics |

41. Yogoreta Prism (Dasoku x [REN])
Also known as 1122, Dasoren is your best bet at getting sexy man voices in Nico Nico. Also, they're both 30+ years old, and one of them spoils a cat. IDK what good that information will do...
| youtube | download |

42. magnet (Dasoku x Clear)
After Tourai's Meltdown and Clear's Fire Flower, I listened to this, fell in love, got an OT3 and ended up being addicted to this fandom. This is a song that will not be left out in any primer I do, tbh. Warning, this song can impregnate you.
| youtube | download | lyrics |

43. Cendrillon (Jack x Choucho)
Another one of m/f collabs that I like. Choucho and Jack sounds good together even if Jack has a range as high as Choucho's ^^;. Their dynamics are also good = they have catfights all the time XD
| youtube | download | lyrics |

44. Choose Me (Misaki x Tane x Moka)
Not Moka, Dasoku's cat. These three aren't very popular, but this song is really nice. I follow Tane's individual works btw. Because he has sheep-counting uploads.
| youtube | download | lyrics |

45. Sand Scraper (PUPI x Mi-chan)
This is a bit of an underappreciated collab, but I have to include this because it's one of the few examples of VocaSka. I don't think I've listened to another Ska song in this fandom... PUPI is also known for his dududupei Final Fantasy Battle theme cover where he does all the sounds. Awesome stuff.
| youtube | download |

46. Synchronicity: The Paradise of Light and Shadow/Hikari to Kage no Rakuen (Re: x Lilie)
Re: and Lilie are known for making wonderful covers of fantasy-themed songs. This one is a magnificent example. I had goosebumps when I first listened to this.
| youtube | download |

47. Dreamy Sakura/Yume Sakura (Kakichoco x Valshe)
This is a tragic love song and despite the fact that Valshe sang the male part, it's still awesome. One of my favorite ballads ever.
| youtube | download | lyrics |

48. IMITATION BLACK (Dasoku x Clear x Valshe)
IMITATION BLACK is also one of those songs with a ton of covers, most of them by wonderful singers, but this one is the best one for me (no no clear bias what are you talking about...), if you like the song, please listen to the other covers too :3.
| youtube | download | lyrics |

49. A Pair of Cold Wintry Winds/Tsugai Kogarashi (Tourai x Usa)
The best UsaTolie song for me, and I think they sang this song even better than Clear x Vivienne.
| youtube | download | lyrics |

50. Knife (Kakichoco x Vivienne x Ten)
A relatively new song but epic in my opinion. Ten's rapping ffffff
| youtube | download | lyrics |


And those are literally my favorite songs in Nico Nico Douga---not really XD. Sorry for the length but I tried covering all possible genre and voice types. I really took it easy on the crack songs because I don't want to break new people's brains so early.

If the file is too big for you to download, I suggest reading the list and listen to the songs that pique your interest. Then you can move on from there :).

Also, on a personal note to Noey-san, since I wrote this with her in mind, here are some of our peers' favorite singers:
Nikki : Clear, Tourai, Choucho, Seriyu
Len: Asamaru, Wotamin
Lyn: Nodoame, Tourai
Luna: Gero (specifically XD)
Yama: Valshe (I didn't know! XD)

Despite the length of this primer, I hope it helps? ;w; If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I would write more, but there are tons I have already written in [community profile] ofurotaimu. Just look at the first post in the comm and the tags.

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