Sep. 28th, 2010

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Surprisingly, this is not an utattemita-related post w, but it's still Nicovideo-related. Anyway, last night some people might have noticed I was a bit upset in Skype, Plurk and Twitter and I kind of got just a little sleep then, too. Thanks to those who asked, but the one who has a problem wasn't me ^^;;;. I'm just being a busybody being worried about people.

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So, I apologize if people worried about my tweets and Skype stuff last night. I try not to get affected but I guess when you've had conversations with a person even if you don't know each other for real, it's hard to ignore.

But I'm fine now and hopefully, he is too. Sorry guys ^^;. It wasn't as grave as you think, don't worry :). Thank you to everyone who asked BTW. It was hard to explain so I had to write a post LOL.


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