Aug. 23rd, 2010

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This is a partial translation of the recent public Nicoraji (August 20, 2010) with Clear, Dasoku, Pokota, Kettaro, Miichan, Saiya, Rapbeat, Noaru, Ayumi, etc. These are just quotes translated from the show. Also, I haven't translated Miichan's, Kettaro's, etc. part because I am biased lazy like that. ^^;

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GAH WHAT ELSE. I'm too braindead with the live sooooo ♥ ♥ ♥. I can't wait to see them sing in the concert! FFFFF I hope Dasoclear sings "magnet" ufufufuf /shot.

God, it's been three days and I'm still on a high. WTF.
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This is a repost from my LJ, basically stalking a chronology of what happened during Asamakku's first meetup on March 22, 2010 as well as quotes from Choucho's live on the same day. Please do not repost any of the translations or the entirety of the post, thanks!

for LJ friends, the original post is here

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Anyway, enough of my heartbreak about Asamakku's live XD;. I watched Choucho's live last night, one of the rare lives she has (or was it the first?). She's so cute! I screencapped the live but I forgot the pictures at home ahahahah. I'll post them when I do my Nicosinger faces post.

I am also not the only one trolling listening in to Choucho, though. There's Tourai, Anima, etc. Then there's this gem...

Choucho: *reading comments* "Choucho, ILU - tou" ...Are you Tourai-san?
Choucho: Are you the real Tourai-san? If you are, please sing :|*
Tourai (in comments): Are you the real Choucho?
Choucho: You should be able to guess from my voice!

* This is in reference to that time Asamaru (or Choucho or someone from Asamakku) met Tourai for the first time and asked him to sing to prove that he's Tourai XD;.

And then, Choucho said she had planned to record an acoustic version of four songs but she'll only upload one. She asked people which it would be and doriko's Yuuhizaka won /o/ . I voted for it hahaha XD;. After a while, she asked what she should sing next.

Choucho: Now, what should I try singing next?
Choucho: Ehhh why so forceful?

Okay, report done XD;. It was a really tiring day, especially since I have to go back and forth listening to lives, listening to utattemita ranking and writing posts ^^;. I'm tired and sleepy now but all is well~~.


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