Jul. 1st, 2010

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I'm following [personal profile] dtn-sensei's footsteps in doing the 30-day meme so I'll be posting everyday \o/. I'll also be doing a different Vocaloid/utattemita-centric meme in my tumblr :).

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It's very hard to choose a favorite song, you know :(. Favorite in what terms? for forever or for just this moment? Anyway, I went with what first came to mind when I thought of it LOL.

Ishidatami no Akeki Akuma by Sound Horizon, from the album "Seisen no Iberia" is ONE of my favorite songs. It's what I chose because it is less known and needs to be pimped and it is also one of those songs I never skip in my player. It is also one of those songs I make sure I sing when I go to karaoke :D.

The song revolves around a story about the holy war in Iberia. Layla is of mixed race, so she cannot choose a side to ally with during the war. She accidentally gets injured and escapes into a dungeon where the demon Shaytan was imprisoned. She frees him and in exchange for her aid, Shaytan pledges loyalty to her, to do as she bids, and grants her immortality so they will be with each other forever. He asks her to make a wish. She wishes for the war to end, and to help her, Shaytan acted as the bad guy so the warring sides will join forces to defeat him.

This song has been covered a lot of times in the utattemita category. But the best cover for me so far is Jack and Choucho's feat. Jigiru.


Speaking of utattemita, sexy being Clear's "childhood friend" nero covered one of my favorite GUMI songs ever: Just a Game. Hnnnghhh. Not to mention Dasoku covered it, too...kind of. PFFFTTT. DYING.

...I want to talk more about more covers, like vip-tenchou's brain breaking "Eh? Aa, Sou" cover but gah. Later.


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