May. 24th, 2010

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1) Thanks for joining/watching [ profile] shotabaits // [community profile] magnet. I plan on transferring some of my old stuff, which I never got to post in xkirakirax, in those places. I hope you liked the Dasoku/Asamaru drabble :D, You should read it while listening to a mashup of their Shounen Ginga. /shotmultipletimes.

2) Minty Rain is down at the moment because I'm pretending to be someone l33t with site design. Something went wrong and...hurhur I'm going to be at it for a couple of days.

3) I'm finally updated with Oofuri! Mihashi is so cute as always~ although is it just me or the number of lines with double meanings have increased? Not complaining though. I thought the games were shabby, though. There wasn't a lot of details in them, as compared to the previous season. Well, it could be because there's a bigger game after those two... Tajima and Hanai kill me so much.

4) Thanks [personal profile] lluvia for Smiley*2 crotch shots. I enjoyed them immensely, especially clear's with the water bottle antics :D /was kind of stuck staring at the screen for a long time hello ASK.

5) Because I can't seem to finish listening to namahousou AND transcribing "important" parts, I'll just quote D: Because the clear/nero namahousou was too precious. Seriously, clear, talking to yourself? -- okay maybe not but it's amusing to think of XD. Apparently, nero doesn't have a mic in his room so he has to go pillage stay in clear's when doing housou. Uhuhuhu. Have you ever noticed they update twitter at the same time? Okay okay, enough jokes.

(very freely-translated)
Clear: /rambles about reading Dragon Ball (his favorite shounen manga ever), One Piece, etc.
Nero: IDK any of those. I did watch a little of One Piece
Clear: How could you? D:
Nero: Well...
Clear: Now, shoujo manga...did I even read shoujo manga? I don't remember at all. No, I've never read one, I think. My sister though...
Nero: Even Kaikan Phrase?
Clear: OH! KAIKAN PHRASE! How nostalgic! <-- hahaha busted
Nero: Yeah XD;. Our classmates used to have them.
Clear: But isn't that an ero manga already? LOLOL. When I was reading it, I was like "oh, she's doing it with this guy" and after a few pages "oh! she's doing it with another guy!" LOL!
Nero: Hahaha.

I see. Never read shoujo, eh XD? I love how Nero just casually mentioned one thing to bust Clear. Also...I don't remember Kaikan Phrase's story, but did the heroine sleep around that much? O_O;

6) Speaking of friends, it seems that Tourai and Jack met up this Saturday. Jack has the most awesome date spots ever. First, they went to karaoke, then they ate, then they went back to karaoke, sang magnet and called up someone so he can listen in, then played Bomber Man and finally home. Sounds familiar? Yeah, that's exactly what Asamaru and Jack did in their "date", too LOL. When Asamakku sang magnet they called sleeping Tourai up and when Torakku sang it, they called Asamaru up. The only difference is that Asamaru and Jack also sang Ura Omote Lovers, Tourai and Jack sang Cendrillon LOL.

7) Speaking of dates, clear and Dasoku had a date of their own, right? But it was cafe jumping. First they went to a Gundam cafe and then to a maid cafe :D. (and clear was texting nero at that time)

8) [personal profile] southerncross pinged me last Saturday about Erusi's twitter. She apparently watched the recent Tenimyu and was all spazzy-fangirly about it. TENIMYU OMG Fandom crossing D:. So I added her and fangirled lmfao. Apparently, her favorite is Nakagauchi Masataka (Niou from Rikkai for newbs XD). I don't like Rikkai or Masa but ANYWAY she saw Kenn and I was insanely jealous and I told her so. Probably a lot of people were also jealous, so she decided to hold a namahousou with 30 minutes of her screaming and flailing and singing Tenimyu songs and being awed with Masa and Yanagi Koutarou :D. It was so awesome.

9) Because of number 8, I just dug up all my Tenimyu :|. This is bad. Aiba Hiroki all over again, who wants?

10) I want to go home and do Skype karaoke or sing or fiddle with Audacity. IDK why my recordings have different volumes when I convert them to .mp3s. I don't change the settings from recording to mixing to encoding :(. BTW, Skype people, no more Justin Bieber songs please lmfao. I got killed XD. Oh, and apologies to those I killed with my magnet last post OTL. It is a fail!bribe, really.

... I said it was just a short update. Oh well.

PS: How come I always sound high in my posts? :/


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