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I've posted the 2011 Annual Utattemita Ranking in [community profile] ofurotaimu but I must say I didn't feel happy with the ranking. Of course this is primarily because I like unpopular covers of songs and I'm not fond of most of the utaite in the rankings. It can't be denied that they're all very, very popular, but my own tastes are entirely different from what was reflected in the ranking to be the general consensus.

So I decided to compile my own list ; A ; . I'm not as epic as Utaran-san so I only included the 50 covers of 2011 that I really like. Really like means listening to them over and over! Most of them are not in the ranking in the comm. Also, I tried my best to limit my choices, like I only chose one cover for one song (except for Karakuri Pierrot, which is really a song I love and I cannot choose one cover I like). There are some repetitions of utaite names here, too coughclearcough but I tried minimizing that XD;.

IDK how interesting this list will be to you but I hope you discover a singer or two! I assure you all of the people/songs in this list are awesome :3.

50 songs, not arranged in order )

Well, I also wanted to do a Vocaloid version but I actually have a LOT of favorite Vocaloid songs this year that 50 might not cut it and 100 is just O_O. I'll die! So I guess I'll let it slide this time XD.


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