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[Translation] Clear and Nero's Namahousou (061410) A

I can't find the rest of my recordings for this. This is supposed to be a 2-part nama but I can only find the first part. Anyway, this is nero's first namahousou with Clear. Net lingo + namahousou tutorials + reliving the past abound.

Nero: Ya~y
Clear: LOL!
Nero: Wakotsu de~su. Wako...wakotsu?
Clear: It's "waku otsu".
Nero: Waku otsu...desu?
わこつ is a shortened form of "waku otsu" or "GJ on starting the namahousou"

Nero: What's m9?
Clear: It's an emoticon for "pugyaa"
Nero: ...pugyaa?
Clear: Yeah, you know "pugyaaa~!" You point your finger like this... (probably demonstrated it)
Nero: ...Oh. You poked me. I'm happy.
Clear: Why are you happy??
m9 or pugyaa means a finger is being pointed at you. The "9" is the forefinger, while the "m" is the rest of the fingers. It usually means "look at you lol"

Nero: Hello. Welcome.
Clear: Welcome, this is Clear~
Nero: Nero de~su.
Clear: Nero de~su LOLOL.
Nero: Eh? Shift? Uh...we have shift.
(he meant timeshift ^^ but he doesn't know that yet)
Nero: Somehow, I don't like hearing my voice...
Clear: Me, too.
Nero: Kaichou, too? That's impossible.
Clear: It's normal, isn't it?!
Nero: But this is Kaichou we are talking about...
Clear: One time, I listened to my own timeshift and I'm like...this sucks, and turned it off LOL.
Nero: I don't mind my singing voice, really. But speaking voice is a bit...
Clear: I know, right.
Nero: When I listen to myself, I go, "What is this boring voice?"
Clear: LOL Really.
Nero: But Kaichou has a nice voice.
Clear: No I don't.
Nero: Ahaha...

Nero: Oh...yeah. Is...is it okay if I apply some lip cream...
Clear: Why do you have to say it on air??
Nero: Because...
Clear: You know if you just do it, even if you make some clattering noises no one will know ^^;
Nero: I...I'm nervous because I might create some weird sound...
Clear: FFFF Just do it.
Nero: Okay, I'm applying it now... *makes lip smacking noises*
Clear: Don't do that near the mic fffff
Nero: LOL Yosha. I'm done.
Clear: Buying lip cream is such a girl thing, isn't it?
Nero: LOL
Nero: But there was a time when we bought the same lip cream right.
Nero: Do you remember?
Clear: LOL-ing
Nero: We bought the same lip cream and I made a mistake and used yours.
Clear: ROFL
Nero: And I was like, "Eh? my lip cream was supposed to be almost used up so why is this..." and then you suddenly went, "Eh? my lip cream's gone?"
Clear: *dying of laughter*
Nero: And then I looked into the bag and saw the two lip cream there, I thought "this is bad". I thought, "maybe I should silently just put it back" but eventually you found out.
Clear: FFFFF
Nero: You went, "You..." And I tried to replace it but you didn't want to.
Clear: So you used it all up.
Nero: Yeah I used it all up.
Clear: I never use lip cream all up though. Like ballpen or...
Nero: Oh...
Clear: Like erasers!
Nero: I don't use erasers up too!

Nero: There are some large erasers, right? Those you can never use up.
Clear: Really?
Nero: Back in elementary I don't have any eraser sense. But we kind of play that eraser battle thing, right?
Clear: Huh?
Nero: The one where you bump erasers with others? Then whoever topples everyone off is the winner.
Clear: Really?
Nero: And then there was rich kid who brought a gigantic eraser and everyone was like "WTF?" and stuff.
Clear: ...I don't know LOLOL I haven't seen it. But I guess you have this "I won't be defeated aura!" in you.
Nero: This is such a boring talk, LOL.
Clear: As for erasers, I love how they smell!
Nero: Oh yeah.
Clear: Like that one that smells good *says name*
Nero: Is that an eraser?
Clear: It's not? Isn't it soft and...
Nero: ...I don't know.
Clear: You don't buy erasers anymore, right? Since we use pens when we grew up.
Nero: True...

Clear: Higurashi was good, wasn't it?
Nero: Yeah! It was interesting.
Clear: I was kind of scared to watch it alone but it was a bit fun.
Clear: I got surprised at the end.
Nero: Yeah...

(Then they started talking and crazily lol-ing about things no one understands. Inside jokes hate)

Clear: We watched Dragonball, right?
Nero: ...I don't.
Clear: It's fun! ;A;

Clear: But lately everyone's into One Piece, right?
Nero: Yeah. It's an interesting series.
Clear: But I like Full Metal Alchemist more.
Nero: Ohh Hagaren, I haven't watched it...
Clear: It's amazing! Very interesting.
Nero: Oh..
Clear: But it kind of ended... but not really.
Nero: Are you watching the anime?
Clear: Yes! It's so much fun I feel sad that it's about to end.
Nero: You also read the manga?
Clear: I don't read the manga much but it's the same story as the anime, right?
Nero: Ohh...then I should start watching now.
Clear: That's impossible ^^;;
Nero: Because I don't have time...
Clear: But you can read the tankoubon! It's pretty long though...

Clear: I used to read manga but... I haven't really read shoujo manga. Do you remember anything?
Nero: No...
Clear: Aside from those my sister show me I haven't really touched anything shoujo I think.
Nero: There's Kaikan Phrase...
Clear: Kaikan Phrase! LOLOL How nostalgic!
Nero: LOL Our friends used to read it during break.
Clear: Isn't that an ero manga already LOL. It has an H scene with every page turn.
Clear: It was surprising, LOL so amazing. "Oh, she's doing another guy!" "Oh, she's doing another guy!" and in the next chapter she does another guy hahah so awesome.
Nero: But the anime is different, right?
Clear: Because the anime is music-related, right?

Clear: Oh yeah, Sailormoon... is awesome, right?
Nero: Oooh.
Clear: My sister used to watch it...and I ended up watching it too.
Nero: You ended up watching.
Clear: It's because my sister is watching it.
Nero: Okay.
Clear: It's pretty good.
Nero: Heeh.
Clear: We totally didn't buy the videos or anything.

Clear: Slam Dunk was nice, too.
Nero: It's because of it that we got into basketball, right?
Clear: It was a good series.
Nero: How about Dear Boys?
Clear: Ah! Dear Boys LOLOL. That, too. Isn't that like an ecchi manga?
Nero: ...
Clear: Like when I first read it I was like, "oh, everyone is so pervy"
Nero: Really?
(Dear Boys is an ecchi manga? I thought it was BL....oh wait.)

Nero: Do you read JUMP recently?
Clear: Not much, really.
Nero: I haven't followed Gon-san's adventures recently.
Clear: Gon-san! I followed him, too! I watched him, too! Iya, he surprises me every time.
(Gon-san refers to Gon from HunterxHunter)

Clear: I keep hearing Gintama and Durarara...are they in JUMP, too?
Nero: Durarara is an anime, right?
Clear: They keep saying Gintama is fun. But I don't know anything about Durarara. Well, there's too many anime released today I can't keep up.
Nero: Like Oofuri.
Clear: Or Higashi no Eden.
Nero: It has a movie, right?
Clear: I don't know Arakawa Under the Bridge, too....
Clear: Oh I watch Working!!, it's kinda cute.
Nero: The commenters know a lot of stuff.
Clear: Well. Oh yeah there's K-on!! too...

Clear: How about Hajime no Ippo?
Nero: Un.
Clear: Oh yeah, one time we were having a namahousou and everyone got tired of talking so we just played Hajime no Ippo instead LOLOL. The camera was directed to the screen.
Nero: Eh really? LOL. /doesn't get it
(This refers to the PointFive recording nama early this year XD)

(- Super Smash Brothers fanboying here - )

Clear: *reads comments* Oh, I can't do utaoke right now. You won't hear the music.
Nero: What's utaoke?
Clear: It's how you sing with the music during a namahousou? See this mic, I have to attach this here and get another mic here... /technical explanation
Clear: If not, I'll just be singing a capella.
Nero: Ohh...so even if you play a CD they'll hear it?
Clear: Yup.
Nero: Sounds troublesome.
Clear: I do it all the time.
Nero: Oh, but I haven't heard...
Clear: Oh I mean before..
Nero: Is that so...
(awkward silence)

Clear: I want a mic.
Nero: Oh.
Clear: But now I want a guitar.
Nero: Really.
Clear: I want a guitar more now.
Nero: Why?
Clear: /changes topic as fast as he could

Nero: Oh yeah, I want to buy that CD. Err...
Clear: Smiley*2?
Nero: Yeah.
Clear: Why?
Nero: To listen to it?
Clear: OTL
Clear: Don't listen to it! It's fine!
Nero: I want to listen to it~♫
Clear: It's fine, don't fff. I won't let you in record shops.
Nero: Are you going that far?
Clear: I was bad at saying lines ;;.
Nero: No you're not. Aren't you yukoyuko... oh I mean, I'll know when I listen.
Clear: Don't listen.
Nero: .... We don't have much time (in the namahousou)
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LOOOOOOL *rolling* These two.... so awkward, but adorable

They're such anime noobs to hahaha
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Nero: Don't listen to it! It's fine! <-- uhm.. I think u made a mistake? ^^;;

THANKS FOR THE TRANSLATION~ it's so funny!! wwwwwww no wonder u did a ficlet bout the eraser yesterday!! wwwwww

Dear Boys is a BL manga... *is shot*
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The lipcream incident = indirect kiss. xDDD

I love their anime & manga talk! xDD
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this is the one that they held at 3am (more or less) -japan hour? O.O
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childhood friends >w<
such a nice thing /o/

"Clear: My sister used to watch it...and I ended up watching it too.
Nero: You ended up watching."



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do u know where i could watch/hear that nama?;A;