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Nikki's Hearing is Pretty Good. Not.

So, because a discussion about "Shinkirou no Janna" has been opened in Twitter, I had to post this. Remember, Dasoku's overly sexy singing of the song? Or Panyo's panty-grabbing cover? How about Mi-chan's sexy with amazing Engrish included cover?

When I first listened to Mi-chan's cover, I didn't understand it one bit. Well, I did, but apparently what I understood wasn't what he was saying. Anyway, here's my (fake) transcription of the serifu in the song. It is recommended that you listen to his cover so you'll understand why I heard the words as such.

embed yay!

What's up on the tank? It's a load of sand
A priest who was repeatedly happy to leave with his virtual princess
They sent a dress to her then bandaged to her
And the priest took his own life and oh yeah
She's a stairway to stir house to dissent
Tinting radiant feet with fondant Paris.
This is the story of a priest and his frustrating crew shades.

A lobby rate without an exit
People say it's like paradise!
It goes split and harborously slippery
El dove, our prisoner, just never mate.

The sand has vanished, and undress fast now for it's eight
Now the moon is this all, we're right
As he clippered sun, she tempts to moon
And the moon is sadist forever
But the priest rooster with fear of sound
Night after.....night.

So, what you think?
A story of sour distant priest
I think I regret this
It may be U-turn next
Yes I'm no kidding
But don't be afraid
It's Janna...after all.

Thanks to Xeti, we have the REAL transcription of Mi-chan's lines here. I did a translation of the song a long time ago here.

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