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On Shimo-nii and last night's incident

Surprisingly, this is not an utattemita-related post w, but it's still Nicovideo-related. Anyway, last night some people might have noticed I was a bit upset in Skype, Plurk and Twitter and I kind of got just a little sleep then, too. Thanks to those who asked, but the one who has a problem wasn't me ^^;;;. I'm just being a busybody being worried about people.

Those in my previous LJ would've been acquainted to Shimo-nii, but for those who do not know him... He's one of the few people I listen to in the R-18 section of Nico Nico Namahousou. He's 23 years old and works in the IT department of a company; he lives with his parents and he dreams of being a seiyuu.

While I was looking for BL game walkthroughs last year (around this month!), in that category I happened to stumble upon his nama and kind of had a soft spot for him since then. Soft spot...is not what you might think it is, though, IDK. For one, his nama is definitely not innocent. He asks for BL/otome game serifu requests and recites them for his listeners. Sometimes, he does BL dramma-ppoi kissing/bed sounds and uh stuff. If the listeners are really, really lucky, he does this auditory massage thing (he has this dummy head thing that makes his voice go from your left ear to your right, etc) until you die in your chair, melt into a puddle of goo or just...spazz. LOL. Basically, it's a fanservice nama, although sometimes he has interesting things up like playing games and talking about anime/games and holding casual conversations with his listeners.

Recently, he got a twitter (locked though ;;) and I follow him there, too. Sometimes he replies with these mind-blowing pickup replies to my innocent tweets IDK anymore but yesterday afternoon was a bit different since he was tweeting about quitting Nico. I thought it was just that he's worrying because less and less people are coming to his namahousou and he's wondering about it, so I kind of ignored his tweets. I mean...with all those producers in my TL, I have enough dose of emopie everyday.

But right after those tweets and announcing he'd just go home, whatever, he held a namahousou. It's one of those lives he held using his iPhone. Basically, he puts the camera up front in his car so you can see the road and listen to him talk while he drives home. (It was pretty neat, by the way, it's like you're sitting beside him inthe car.)

He sounded really lethargic so being the busybody I (and a couple of people from twitter) asked him if he was okay. He asked why people would say that and I said because in twitter he sounded really annoyed/down. He shrugged it off and just said, "I don't know anymore..." Then he said he felt a bit out of it so he apologizes and we were all, "It's okay, we're here to listen to whatever you want to talk about."

And then when he reached a stoplight, he just suddenly burst into tears and cried. Like...not the sobbing thing you hear during Asamakku's birthdays. It's really like...he was crying his heart out. So all the listeners went into panic mode and went ;A; why what's wrong?? at him but he won't answer. The worse part is he still kept in driving. People were telling him to slow down or at least don't cry while driving because he might get into an accident. Some were like, "What's wrong? Talk to us! We're here!" but he was really inconsolable. There was a time he was driving a little too fast we thought he'd hit the back of a truck (he didn't). He kept crying for about 5 to 8 minutes and we can't get anything out of him since he wasn't reading the comments anymore. It was...just his heartbreaking cry, really.

And then suddenly, he went, "I'm cutting the stream. I'm sorry, guys. I'm really sorry. I have to cut this. I'm sorry!" still while crying and we're all TT A TT. He kept apologizing for a couple of minutes and eventually cut off the stream, which left us all in a trainwreck of thoughts on what had happened and what might happen to him. He was driving after all.

So for the rest of the night, I was really distressed/worried. For one, I've never heard anyone in a namahousou cry that much and that sad before. And then I've never heard him act anything less than happy (or pervy, for that matter). Some of his fans (or so they told) left him messages in Skype and Twitter, but he didn't reply to any.

GAH. Longest night of my life.

After 2-3 hours, he held another namahousou. In this, he apologized for the weird nama earlier and thanked people for the concern. He said he's "okay" and there's no problem anymore, but we really doubt it. He talked a little about his dream of being a seiyuu but we can't get anything more than that. This morning, he said he'll stop tweeting during the day (at work) and might be more absent that usual. Of course I'm still worrying about him.


Okay. So that's the story from last night, on why I'm so out of it. Shimo-nii is not popular and he cannot even sing (lolinserttearfulJBFhere) and he's also not someone everyone is bound to like. But I've been listening to him for over a year now so even if it's one sided, there's some sort of attachment. Hearing him talk about RL (he rarely talk about it because he wanted to separate his Nico attitude to his personal one), was kind of a surprise and hearing him cry was really a shock for me.

So, I apologize if people worried about my tweets and Skype stuff last night. I try not to get affected but I guess when you've had conversations with a person even if you don't know each other for real, it's hard to ignore.

But I'm fine now and hopefully, he is too. Sorry guys ^^;. It wasn't as grave as you think, don't worry :). Thank you to everyone who asked BTW. It was hard to explain so I had to write a post LOL.
seraphictune: (Tsuna cape)

[personal profile] seraphictune 2010-09-28 01:35 am (UTC)(link)
awww poor thing =/

I hope he's ok...driving while crying really is dangerous! >___<

hope you're less stressed about it too Nikki~

ahahahaha the description of his nama makes me curious though LOLOLOL should I venture into the land of R-18? jkjk XD

crying all out in one go should be good for the heart...
he needs some rainbows *w*
phish: ❥ emigrate @ dw (Default)

[personal profile] phish 2010-09-28 04:40 am (UTC)(link)
;_; even if i don't know him... Just reading that sounds really heartbreaking. I hope he feels better soon sjbgsdjbg aaa ;_;

[identity profile] the-desserter.myopenid.com 2010-09-28 07:48 am (UTC)(link)
he must've been really upset to break down during a namahousou. ><;

hopefully he'll stay afloat 'til the storm blows over. :(
ext_454308: Chibi Love is War Miku (Default)

[identity profile] stephieku.livejournal.com 2010-09-29 04:35 am (UTC)(link)
Oh man, I don't blame you for being distressed. =( It's really difficult because you're sorta helpless in this situation, and if something happened, there may be no way of knowing if everything's alright...

I hope he gets his problems sorted out!
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[identity profile] mesucch.livejournal.com 2010-11-07 02:04 pm (UTC)(link)
I'll quit being a lurker for a moment and post something tiny here too >.<

so, thanks to this post I got curious about him and I'm listening his nama now and it's just a pity that such a concerned (?) person about his fans (I think he was welcoming his listeners at the beginning, I mean one by one...) felt so bad T.T
I hope he'll be ok >.<
I love the way he "chu"'s btw x3 *heshouldapplyforsomeotomegamereally*

so thank you to you too for let me know such a good nama-holder n(_ _)n even if I can't write to him (I don't want to bother him with english)
ext_392792: pixv artist なつ海@原稿中 (Default)

[identity profile] mesucch.livejournal.com 2010-11-07 09:05 pm (UTC)(link)
*too late* I think he already has stolen my innocence with his micro XD LOL