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nikki ♫ ([personal profile] fascinates) wrote2010-09-22 09:07 am

Just a Thought, For Clear and his fansite, etc.

This has been bugging me the moment I opened clear's fansite but I haven't really dealt with it because I am so busy. Despite my 'busy mode', I'd like to hear the thoughts of clear's fans in my flist :).

Inevitably, Clear will notice the fansite. Either people will tell him or I have to eventually tell him through e-mail, to receive his confidence and permission for the website. I haven't gotten to the part of worrying how to e-mail him and tell him to scold me/us when I/we do something offensive in the site, but anyway...

Would you like to have a Clear message page or something for the site? Basically it's where fans can put their thoughts/dedications/show of support to Clear. The messages can be written in both English and Japanese and I'll link to it at the front page. Anyone can post (although I have to approve first time commenters). Of course there'd be a notice to write in very simple English so the messages will be understood easily. There'll also be certain rules like no flooding, no marriage proposals, no sex offers, etc /shot.

That page, I will link to Clear when it gets enough messages. It's more of "you have tons of fans outside Japan but they cannot speak Japanese well and are shy to contact you; here are their thoughts and messages that they would like to to tell you". Maybe I'll leave it open for three months and then give the link to him as a Christmas gift or something LOL, I don't know yet. But I would like to know if people would want that sort of thing. I know we cannot send him stuff easily so this is the next best thing I can think of.

TBH, I've only written to three utaite/producers in my entire fandom lifetime and I'm not very confident with this project thingy, but since so many people are visiting the site and being happy for Clear, I thought he needs to witness how much people support him, not only in Japan but all over the world. IDK if he has xenophobia and he might shun me or make me close the site lmfao, but it might be worth a try?

Please tell me what you think and if you have any suggestions, feel free to share! Thank you very much! <3

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