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nikki ♫ ([personal profile] fascinates) wrote2010-09-21 09:17 am

Nothing much here, move along.

I had a great update last night with pictures, but I kind of forgot to do it because of brain-breakage. So, you will get a placeholder here.

Have you ever encountered a favorite male seiyuu in a hentai anime role?

It's different from hearing them in those adult otome games, really (crap, there was one with Yonaga Tsubasa, "Royals?" and I kind of fell off my chair in his H-scene OTL). IDK maybe it's because I don't really watch hentai things unless it's really needed.

When I was still reviewing anime for some site, hentai included, I had the opportunity to watch (even if they're all kinda boring) hentai stuff with uh...Sakurai Takahiro (he was a bokke prince thingy) and if I'm not mistaken Nakai Kazuya and Nojima Kenji (I THINK? Or was it someone else?!). But since they're not really favorites, not to mention Nakai Kazuya's voice passes off as a perv in all his works /shot, I wasn't that O_O at them.

But last night, I had the curiosity to check someone's link in twitter to some boring, same-old hentai scene which source I do not know (IDK the title). It was pretty meh until I realized that the guy in the scene was Ishida Akira.



Sadistic Ishida Akira?!


Is it obvious that I'm used to seeing him in gentle/weirdly quiet roles? I'm kind of bothered now ;;
Even in BL I never saw his characters as dominating, forceful, scheming characters (okay, scheming maybe).

Okay don't mind me I'm just all @_@ at this LOL.

Nothing beats Sakurai Takahiro as Edward Cullen though. That beats all the brainbreakage material out there okay i'll shut up now

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