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The Permutations of Clear

Note: not to be taken seriously =w=

After Clear released his album, people around him seemed to be extra aggressive in winning his hand in marriage getting close to him/getting his attention :3.

• Dasoku
- After Dasoku's mini photoshoot with Clear's poster (taken by Gero), he seems to not care about Clear's album release and all that.
- But actually, as Clear said in his namahousou, he is actually playing FFXIV with Clear (and Asamaru). Clear said that he cannot play FF without Asamaru as a guide and if Asamaru is online, then most probably Dasoku is and he'll be happy then :3.
- Of course there is also that questionable Dearest CM where Dasoku spouts off suspicious nonsense like, "If I held on to your hand that time, will our future change?"
- Clear's reaction to Dasoku's CM was, "Dasoku-san is really interesting, isn't he? Now on sale LOLOL."
- After that, [personal profile] crimsonfire3 said that Dasoku kind of admitted something during his zombie game marathon with Valshe (namahousou), which didn't have timeshift and was very annoying XD.

Valshe: Who do like more, me or Moka?
Dasoku: (missed answer)
Valshe: Do you like Clear?
Dasoku: Yes.
Valshe: /spazz?!?!?!
Dasoku: ...as a friend.

PS: Of course, Dasoku had to add more to the fire by posting a photo of him wearing shirt with a questionable design :D

• Vivienne
- Apparently, Vivienne's mom is a huge Clear fan even if she is not aware of it. She shared a conversation with her mom with Clear this afternoon. Clear wondered if the image of him stuck in Vivi's mom's head is his voice in Cendrillon.

Vivienne: Clear-kun released his album, you know!
Mom: Clear?
Vivienne: The prince! Prince!
Mom: Oh! Really? I want to listen to the album. Maybe I should buy it later when I go out!

And Vivienne's mom bought the CD, even texting Vivienne asking for the title of Clear's CD XD;. How domestic.

• Jack
- How random, since they never talk at all, but apparently they exchange kisses in twitter XD.

• Wotamin
- Wotamin and Clear rarely talk nowadays aside from Twitter and sometimes in Clear's namahousou where she has a backstage pass, but one fine day, this package arrived at Minmin's doorstep. She tweeted about how happy she is that it came and we would have all gone back to our boring lives if Clear hadn't replied with, "I am so glad it arrived safely!" And Wotamin replied with, "Thank you so much! I'm listening to them right now!" /COUGH. I see someone tried hard to make someone listen to his CDs :3.
- Of course there's also their random Twitter flirtings (which people cut into, I'm looking at you, Nem /shot) and one point where Wotamin forbade people from replying to her with "ggrks" and clear replied with the link to their ggrks cover.

• Nero
- Nero is an enigma to me, seriously. It's probably because his namahousou voice and face look very serious that...IDK. Anyway, he's also in the Dearest CM where he had a very RL-like comment which includes stuff about them being neighbors, reminiscing their past ("the sight, smell, sound of my heart at that time~") and of course the now infamous "Kono album, peropero shitai yo!" (This album, I want to lick it).
- Clear's reaction to Nero's CM were, "Nero's speaking voice here makes me feel weird LOL" and "Why are you speaking this way?" and "You don't lick it, oi". (He even imitated Nero's peropero thingy.) And he ended with, "Too bad he's an ikemen, right?"
- And then this afternoon, Nero uploaded a rather wonderful version of Shinpakusuu 0822 which Clear RT'd with "I've liked you since junior high, please marr(ry...) to which fans replied with tons of things like, "Please recite this in Nicoraji" and "I have fixed the wedding hall!" and "Did you get his second button when you graduated?!"
- After a bit, Nero replied to the tweet with "We shall start by peropero-ing" to which Clear said, "Don't get carried away!" /cough
- A bit of update in Clear's nama at the moment, was his reaction to his own tweet about asking Nero to get married, "Eh, I won't marry...because I can't right? I want to marry a girl." <-- ;_____;

PS: Clear also posted a locked entry in his ameblo, which is just an embed of Nero's Shinpakusuu and the comment, "This singing voice, I want to lick it" ^^;


On a more serious note, Clear is thinking of new stuff to include with is CD/releases aside from the super cute button stickers which were released with "Colors". He was considering phone straps, "clear" files and eyeglass wipers, calendars, etc. I would not say no to a life-size cardboard statue, to be honest.

Okay, I will end this before I include more people into the list like Asamaru and Marasy and other people LOL.
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[personal profile] takaraikarin 2010-09-19 05:42 pm (UTC)(link)
LOL I'm gonna pretend the future leads to Dasokuria and that this post is a birthday present from Santa (thanks Santa!)

Will read/comment more when I'm not super excited, for now I'll just giggle my way to bed ^^ (and I have Hatano Wataru to help me sleep too yay)
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[personal profile] takaraikarin 2010-09-20 12:24 am (UTC)(link)
He did? LOLOL. I'm thinking it'd be fun playing that game but I have an aversion about us as a player playing an uke with multiple seme ^^;; lemme be the seme~

It's an old blcd of his actually, around 2008? He's playing a sentai actor with Yonaga Tsubasa *squishes them both for being so cute*

I reread the post and rotfl-ing again at all the people courting our Kaichou. Nero's "We shall start by peropero-ing" is *gold* And don't you just adore how domestic the two of them when together? I remember one housou where they just started talking about washing machines <3

[personal profile] ureshiitoki 2010-09-19 06:43 pm (UTC)(link)
the first thing I did was scroll down to wotamin's section

Vivienne's little section about her mom is so cute xD "The prince! Prince!" LOL

ValsexDasoku...? (evil smile)

"I am so glad it arrived safely!"
I see someone tried hard to make someone listen to his CDs.


[identity profile] the-desserter.myopenid.com 2010-09-20 01:38 am (UTC)(link)
Yesss! the CLEA- shirt with matching skull on cleanero day LOLOLOL.

I missed that valshe-dasoku namaaaaaa ;A; ;A; ;A;
i like valshe-dsk interactions. 8D though the last time i heard them was quite a long time ago, and they were talking about pingu LOLOLOL.

clewota ;A;
i rly want them to end up together. srsly.
but i somehow get the feeling that in the end it's going to be dasoshdfjkj
...what's up with my typing today? D:

yeah, nero sounds so serious which makes him even funnier when he's kidding around... i can imagine him saying that let's start with peropero line rly seriously to clear LOLOL.

Marasy?? even Marasy??? ehhhhh LOLOLOL

in case cleanero pushes through, we also set up a backup family plan for dsk yesterday. :)
he'll just end up with ren. papa and mama. :D
then miichan will be their kid who takes after his mama's love for cats. ^w^
then according to ravient, miichan will have a bf named kettaro and a brother named mucchi then beeeige will be kettaro's afair or something. 83

i think my comment has gotten pretty long, so i will shut up now. LOL.

[identity profile] the-desserter.myopenid.com 2010-09-20 03:22 am (UTC)(link)
lol 2nd button!! <3 clear is such a tsundere. or deretsun? LOL. he makes a joke then he goes all, "no wait stop now D:" LOL.

yeaaah he should really really sing the peropero song now. i'm eagerly awaiting. 8D

...i've never watched clear gaming, but i get the feeling he's hopeless too. lolorz

actually ren x dsk is a funny pair in that strangely dasoku becomes mama~ XD XD there was a nama like that?! asdahflkhjg ;A; so many things i misdgdfhgshjfkds ;A;
etc?? how many ways can you carry a person? LOLOLOLOL
i did see that pic of mamadsk sleeping in the passenger seat of papa'sren's car though. 8D

[identity profile] the-desserter.myopenid.com 2010-09-20 07:17 am (UTC)(link)
hmm.. actually i kinda' get what you mean by brainless tsuntsun LOLOLOL.

gets lost? what kind of games has he played so far? is ff14 his first mmo?? has he played racing games? LOL. okay question barrage, sorry, you don't have to answer LOL.


Why was ren carrying people anyway??? XD XD XD
most molested LOL.
yeah, i'm thinking they're bffs now because of the age thing. LOL. but ren is older than dsk, right?
and somehow dsk still pulls off being sleepy/dead while being carried LOL.
well, miichan is their kid. ^w^ papa also carries the kid, of course. ^w^
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[personal profile] seraphictune 2010-09-20 01:52 am (UTC)(link)

Clear ♥♥♥ is dearly loved~ =)

ahaha XD

all of this was just too precious. maybe I'll come back and spazz later. ♥ ^^
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[personal profile] crimsonfire3 2010-09-20 05:58 am (UTC)(link)
On a more serious note, Clear is thinking of new stuff to include with is CD/releases aside from the super cute button stickers which were released with "Colors". He was considering phone straps, "clear" files and eyeglass wipers, calendars, etc.
- like clear plate and clear shampoo?? |D

will comment srsly later XD
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[personal profile] collectivethoughts 2010-09-20 06:27 am (UTC)(link)
I've seen Jack and clear talk before once.. Something like, Marutan tweets a kaomoji, Jack tweets chasing that, then clear tweets about Jack, Jack starts chasing him, Tourai joins in wwww I can't remember -rolls-
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