Nov. 11th, 2010

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So, because a discussion about "Shinkirou no Janna" has been opened in Twitter, I had to post this. Remember, Dasoku's overly sexy singing of the song? Or Panyo's panty-grabbing cover? How about Mi-chan's sexy with amazing Engrish included cover?

When I first listened to Mi-chan's cover, I didn't understand it one bit. Well, I did, but apparently what I understood wasn't what he was saying. Anyway, here's my (fake) transcription of the serifu in the song. It is recommended that you listen to his cover so you'll understand why I heard the words as such.

embed yay!

please don't take this seriously )

Thanks to Xeti, we have the REAL transcription of Mi-chan's lines here. I did a translation of the song a long time ago here.


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