Sep. 24th, 2010

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Just a short notice.

Tinypic has closed its doors on non-North American uploaders and had killed image links of those who aren't registered and aren't in North America. All my pictures are uploaded in tinypic, so that means all the image links in this journal, in my communities and forums are down, unless you're from North America and then you can see them.

Apparently, Tinypic allows you to check your folders for your previous uploads but you cannot link to them anymore (well, for me). I have hundreds of images in Tinypic, and IDK how the hell I'm going to fix all the links for those.

So anyway, expect to see a lot of image errors here and in my communities. Sorry about that. They should've given a notice seriously. I don't even know how to start reorganizing. OTL.

ETA: Okay, now it's back up? I can see my images again? I don't really know what's happening ffff.
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I took the personality test [personal profile] southerncross posted in Plurk a while ago. It is this one. I took this a while back and remembered the results even if I don't remember what I answered. Surprisingly, the results changed drastically for me :|. Does this mean I've evolved? ^^;

results )

→ I don't know how accurate it seems to other people, but there are some I agree with. However, I find the education part and the seriousness of love a bit O_O. LOL. I don't really see myself as that but IDK...

Anyway, I clicked the "give me more" link and it led me to another test, which is this. This is the result...

result! )

→ Aren't 2 and 3 a little...clashing? ^^;

The rest of the tests were all about love, love, love and I'm like Y_Y;;;. So it stops here XD;.


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