Sep. 18th, 2010

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Another utaite-related post, so non-fans, you can be relieved now :).

This is in relation to my post in ofurotaimu regarding Kettaro, a girl and a radio show scandal. I cannot include this translation in the community post because it's very sensitive and impolite to Kettaro. It might cause a stir in the comm, too, so I'm keeping this here.

I didn't write this because I think it's fun and interesting. I wrote this because I'm thoroughly disturbed by the issue and I need an outlet to let my opinions out. Since I don't want to keep explaining what happened, why disturbed, etc., I've included notes taken from the namahousou in question. To be honest, I am more disturbed with the way the issue was handled than the issue itself. I have my own opinions, which I will post after my summary. This post is locked, but not filtered and I trust that everyone will keep this within the confines of my DW/LJ. I personally think the issue was a breach of Kettaro's privacy and I do not wish to entertain public discussions about it. This post is just to let things off my chest as I've been really bothered by this this morning.

WARNINGS: The script under the cut is very TMI and graphic. I toned down the language because I can't take writing them but still, the thought is there. I think I want to strangle this girl after listening to the interview for Kettaro's sake, but anyway...If you are a Kettaro fan and you do not want to meddle in his private affairs, please skip this.

...I should include a do not read under 18 warning or something, I think..............

Kettaro-Mucchi incident, more detailed version )

HAH. I've said all. I will forget about this then and continue with my life. I'm very, very sorry to anyone who I might have offended with this post. I was facepalming all the time I was writing this although I admit I laughed a little at the pink lighting (sorry ;_;. it's just that. PINK FFFF). I hope this post would be of help to people wanting to know about the issue in detail, though. It's not very pleasant to read it but it'll give you a lesson in life: do not pick up weird obsessive girls from mixi Be careful when meeting people from the Internet for the first time, no matter how close you are.


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