Aug. 22nd, 2010

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I was supposed to capture the recent Nicoraji with clear kissing Pokota, etc. but I got sidetracked by Asamakku's namahousou (they were playing Starry Sky in winter, with Meeko, Asamaru, Jack and Tourai providing the voice overs, LOL Tourai as Tsubasa /shot) so I wasn't able to do it. I was supposed to upload something for [community profile] ofurotaimu too but orz. Tomorrow, I promise ^^;.

Anyway, here are some namahousou I listened to sometime around September-October 2009. I posted the translations in plurk but not in my LJ/journals so I'm putting them here in case people are interested. Note that there will be no dl links (IDK how to capture streams then) and the quotes are sporadic, basically what just caught my interest. Also, a little Tolear (Tourai x Clear) bias ^^. (Not warning you about clear bias since it's a given already).

quotes under the cut )

Okay the end for now. LOL. I can't believe I'm digging up namahousou this far ffffff. I'll be off to eat Japanese stuff the whole day tomorrow so I'll see you guys in the evening! XD. I promise to at least say something about Nicoraji ASAP, especially since all the guests showed their faces ♥. People should've seen me flail at work when they did XD, especially clear. It makes me very happy to finally put a face on a voice I like XD. Well, rumors of him not being an ikemen might be true or something, but he gives off a "nice, cheerful person" aura eeeee so lovashalhasf stop flailing, nikki ♥ ♥. I still blame him for my lack of productivity that day, though. And he should've just kissed Dasoku, not Pokota fffff.


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