Aug. 16th, 2010

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I have the worst listening skills in the world, but okay. I'm trying to restart translations of radio shows from the past (like...a year ago lol). I realize I have a lot (clewota radio, kurikku radio, dasoclewotabaru radio, and more ;_;). I don't know where to start LOL. I wonder if I should make a poll. Anyway, I'll start with editing those I already posted in the old LJ before and try to make them as complete as possible. Jack and Clear's shows are probably the most interesting because of the BL serifu /shotttt

Speaking of clear, it's very easy to translate his radio shows LOL. They go in the same path, like this:

- first fifteen minutes: "Can you hear me? Can you hear the music? Ah! Ah! Ah! /mic test Can you hear me now? Eh? No? I wonder what's wrong..." (insert lol-ing a lot)
- next five minutes: "Hey guys, I bought a new mic! And new speakers! And and and I can't find my camera /overturns room in search of the camera" ... "Oh...I can't install it ;_;."
- next five minutes: "I looove (food name). I'm eating (food name). A while ago, I bought (food name). Then I cooked this (food).
- next four minutes: "I don't have a girl friend. No, Dasoku and I aren't chuchu-ing. Eh? Wotamin is in the comments? LOL. Maybe if I have a girlfriend I can (insert random fantasy here). Oh yeah this is my life story, you know one time my younger sister and my mom..../rambles
- final minute: Oh yeah I have an album and I forgot to promote it so I will do it nauu~ /stream gets cut off.

Uh-huh, basically it's like that. Very predictable XD;.
BTW, he has a sister complex.


I watched the Expendables a few days ago and it was ~*~amazing~*~. Not, "wonderful story amazing", but more of "no story but still amazing". Normally I "meh" at films that do not have concrete storyline but in this film, you're too busy staring at the action to mind the story. It's like your typical 90's action film: simple story without much explanation with tons of ass-kicking. The action sequences are so fast and there are tons of explosions. So much loveeee. I love Jet Li ;_;. I'm so glad he had a martial arts sequence because I'm so not used to seeing him holding big guns LOL. And to be fair, I understood the movie because Stallone spoke more audibly now XDD /shot.

I want to watch it agaaaaain.


Speaking of watching, I tried out watching from Nico Nico channels. T-chan and I watched Kuroshitsuji II episode 1. It was 50x funnier because of the people's comments. The opinions on Alois are severely bipolar. Some loves his shota character so much while some hate him enough they wish him dead (btw, I love him and his boots XD). I think I/we spent a long time reading the comments instead of watching. LOL-ing at the emoticons.

Claude tapdancing: (`Д ́)ゝ フッ!
Sebastian riding a table: ⊂ニニ(^ω^)ニニニ⊃

So great :D. Too bad the rest aren't free. But oh well XD. I should watch Sengoku Basara II there next~.


Anyway, I've been feeling unwell again. Seriously, this seems to be an unlucky year for me with respect to my health and emotions ^^;. I've been feeling dizzy since this morning. Not pregnant, unless someone somehow managed to impregnate me with their voice. I think it's because I've been sleeping for only a few hours these past few days. There'll be a holiday soon so I hope I can take a break then :3.

Okay I need to do real work. LOL


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