Jul. 28th, 2010

I'm Alive!

Jul. 28th, 2010 01:19 pm
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Dropping by to say I'm alive and kicking, even if my journals are gathering dust. I assure you I'm just busy and I haven't packed up and ran away from the Interwebs, although if you're in twitter or [community profile] ofurotaimu, I don't need to assure you 8D.

I've been terribly busy with work (too much writing = death) and it's the flu season here, too. June-July is really not for me. And then the SP Vocaloid rankings were released to I'm spending my time going through all the lists there (I listen to all the songs...at least in the Kagamine, GUMI, KAITO and Luka rankings). So uh...until I finish with the last one there, I won't be free :(. Don't worry, I'll do it tonight LOLOL.

Uh...things to update about, I'm going to list them here:
- Nero x Limone-sensei nicoraji report
- Kogeinu's world domination plan
- Clear's live (very little though)
- Summer anime (would you believe I haven't watched a single one?! GOD)
- more I forgot

Mmmm...what else? Brain empty at the moment, although I know I had a long to-do list. Anyway, I mostly update [community profile] ofurotaimu now of manly utattemita/vocaloid updates so just head over there if you need me ^^;. I'll try to be back to updating this by August (birthday month woot!! not...). Oh! I haven't thought of what to do for July 30 /failure. Ugh. ofurotaimu anniversary, what more can I post for that?

If you want to talk to me, feel free to bother me in twitter, skype or plurk, as I don't check other sites much. I'll see you soon~!! Don't defriend me sdlkhasflhsgd I'm alive and kicking ♥


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