Jul. 2nd, 2010

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I initially thought of Ever After and Finding Nemo as my favorite movie, but then I decided to choose this one. Ashley Judd and Tommy Lee Jones star in this film. Ashley Judd is one of my favorite actresses, too.

The story goes this way (AFAIR): Ashley Judd's character is happy with her famous husband and little son. However one night on a yacht, she woke up to find her husband gone and her dress and the cabin was bloody. Because of lack of evidence as well as lack of reports on what happened to her husband, she was imprisoned for murder. In prison, her only contact outside was their "secretary" who takes care of her son for her. On one scene, she called up her son and discovered that her husband is still alive and in hiding. She figured out that he just wanted her out of the way as he goes into a relationship with the secretary and taking the son with them.

She almost lost hope, but someone in prison told her of "double jeopardy", meaning you cannot be tried for the same trial twice. Since she had been sentenced for her husband's murder, she cannot be imprisoned again if she does the same thing. Hence, she decided to prepare herself so that when she gets out of prison, she will take her son and exact revenge on her husband and kill him.

Tommy Lee Jones here is the parole office responsible of keeping Ashley in check and he kept chasing her around as she searches for her husband. He acted like a villain at first, but upon knowing Ashley's intentions, he decided to help her exact revenge (in a way).


I am very fond of Cinderella stories, something I got from my mom. I like stories of people who were oppressed and in the end found redemption. But I like films which tell stories of how these oppressed people get back to their oppressors more. I don't believe in absolute forgiveness, and watching villains (real villains, not misunderstood ones) get away unscathed annoys me. This movie makes me remember that life is not always a movie with a happy ending wherein everyone was happy and forgiven. There's always someone who needs to pay. Aside from that, Ashley Judd's character here is very resourceful and brave, but in reality simply portrays what all mothers can do for the sake of their children. (All she wanted was to get her son back) It's a rare film with a female, albeit a supposedly normal mom, in the main role instead of a sexy sidekick.

Day 2 done aaaaah! Thank you, by the way, to everyone who commented in the anon meme @ LJ. I really appreciate each word you have sent me ♥. Japanese classes tomorrow. I think I will die of fright. Konnichiwa. Okane ga nai. Toire wa doko desu ka. /shot


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