Jun. 22nd, 2010

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[personal profile] sabriel linked me to an interesting post about it here. Relinking here because even though I am not an Avatar fan, my sister is a huge supporter and we often had dinner discussions about the upcoming movies casting.

My sister cannot accept the fact that the cast was changed in terms of race/color. She even complains that Dev Patel was cast in the wrong role because Zuko does not appear to be of Indian descent (TBH, he looks more Chinese to me than anything). I don't watch the show, but I believe that if you want to make a movie out of a story (be it a book, TV series, etc.), then you should get your details right. Why make a big movie about a show involving Asian culture if you do not want to cast Asians themselves? It should be common sense, right, but we all know how the industry works. I also think it's a nod of respect to the original show if the movie managed to get the whole thing right. Otherwise, isn't that just some kind of slap to the face?

It might not be a big deal to some, but I have quite a history of complaining about casting in movies (I complain a lot LOL, Percy Jackson for instance -- let's not go there.). Getting characters right is one of the things I look for films. I think the reason why books have all these overly long descriptions of people and their outfits, the reason why TV shows (animated especially) has these detailed shots of characters showing various facial expressions and reactions, and the reason why there are illustrations in books and detailed artwork in manga/game guides is because the makers want the audience to "visualize" the characters properly and accurately so they can follow the flow of the story well. If the people cast to play the characters aren't even near the descriptions of the original ones, no matter how much makeup they put on, then it would be pointless.

...I want to say something about new The Karate Kid, too and why the martial arts in the movie is Kung-fu, not karate. But I'll save that another day (someone told me they're related arts anyway, so what's the big deal :x). /bothered

OKAY. Now that that's out, let's do something fun like...sleeping XD. I apologize if there was anyone offended by this post. I didn't intend to hurt readers when I wrote this.


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