Jun. 18th, 2010

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[personal profile] southerncross asked me yesterday to translate the long-ass profiler/trivia fans of Asamaru and Jack has compiled in their collections site. I hope she loves me after this because it's so very long LOL! However, the list was pretty interesting. Some of the facts are already well-known, but some (like the ghost in Marutan's room, etc.) aren't. This is going to be a life-changing post, I know it (not for me, for Len. LOL).

Translations aren't accurate, since I moved some of the things out of the list order and grouped similar trivia. I also didn't translate some of the side notes. Still, the list isn't organized well and I'm lazy. I did my best so please do not repost carelessly ;_;. Thank you!

stuff you should know about Asamaru )

In other news, I have gotten myself a tumblr where I will post a lot of YT embeds /shot. No really, it has no purpose at the moment except for that. If you want a daily dose of Vocaloid/utaite videos, please watch!


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