May. 12th, 2010

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I'm so busy, I can't see my table at work anymore. It's like...a big mass of drafts and illustrations and notes and folders :|. I'll be like this until Friday, so I hope I still have time to do utaite and producer day despite the deadline OTL. This is a random update while I take a break from typing articles. Great, I type entries to take a break from typing.

• I finally watched Macross Frontier Galaxy Tour Final Live in Budokan. The costumes made me go WTF especially Nakajima Megumi's, but both May'n and Megu were amazing! To think they haven't sung before such a large crowd before (well, at least for Megu). I'm kind of proud Nakajima Megumi is a half-Filipina :3. And she's GUMI. My bias is showing again. I think my favorite performance would be the Nyan Nyan Service Medley and Megu's Nyan Nyan CM because Nakamura Yuuichi, Miyake Kenta and Kamiya Hiroshi appeared for a while in that segment. Then they did the Nyan Nyan dance. PRICELESS.

• Speaking of GUMI, my 12Stars CD is here in Manila! The only problem is that the EMS people wasn't able to give it to me since I was absent from work yesterday and I had them deliver it here OTL. I hope I won't have to go there to retrieve it, but yaaaay! I've been searching for the CD high and low and was glad to find someone auctioning it off /SOB. The unfortunate fate of people who do not live in Japan.

• I have this huge backlog on namahousou reports. I listen to all of them but there's just too much to say I end up not typing anything up. The only thing I remember is my :| face at Dasoku when he hosted Smiley*2 countdown housou while he's drunk. Poor Kogeinu ;_;. Remind me not to listen to anything Dasoku hosts while he's drunk.

• Usa uploaded this short clip in the Usa Colony community where Tourai whistled a part of magnet. The title is, "Tourai-sensei's Hidden Talent is..." or something like that. It's a video, but the only things you can see are Tourai's lower body (I mean his legs) and his large hands.

• Speaking of Nico Nico Utaite, I'm playing Pokemon Soul Silver~! This is related, I promise. Anyway, I named my main character (girl) Choucho. And her rival (boy) Jack. And Choucho's main pokemon is Keisen (Chikorita). Now I'm thinking of names for all of my pokemon :x. Tourai can be Pidgey -- IDK how that relates to Tourai being a duck but it works, ok? I named Hoothoot Soraru, I don't know why. Then I remembered there's Magnemite and Magneton for Tourai :x. Oh well, I'll just name them Minato XD. Now I'm going through work while thinking of names for pokemon. Great job, Nikki.

Okay, lunch break is over. More work. Later <3.


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