May. 9th, 2010

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I wouldn't act all-knowing and pretend that I know a lot about Philippine politics. I don't. I seldom read the newspapers and I rarely catch the news on television. I'm your average Filipino who took a while to understand what PCOS stands for, who doesn't know all the details about the Manny Villar issues, whose knowledge about the 2010 elections is very, very crude. I'm someone voting for someone because I feel like he's the one deserving, not because I read up on all the candidates and tallied their qualifications.

This writeup is not, in any way, for swaying people's decisions. I don't even think this is that convincing. This is only so I can write out my thoughts on the candidate I've chosen, so that I can read it again in the future and see if I still think the same way about him. This post might contain comparisons of my presidential choice to other candidates, so if you love your candidate so much, please don't read my post ^^;. I don't want to enter debates, especially since I know I will lose in terms of knowledge and experience in this field.

I am voting for Gilbert Teodoro Jr. )

I do not need debates, since I won't change my mind on my vote anyway. I also do not want a war of "how much you know about Philippine politics". If you do not like anything from this entry, I'm sorry, but as I said in the warning, this is just for my own reference :). Thanks for reading!


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