May. 8th, 2010

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Canna Cinq~ある姫君と人形師の話~ is a drama CD released by amateur group RITORNO. They released it during M3, I think. The cast includes Hanatan as Ellisia, Soraru as Ars, ASK as Lark and Gero as Stray Dog LOLOL. I knew about the CD since last year, but it's the first time I've explored the site and found the sample drama tracks. (lower part of this page)

MY GOD. IT SOUNDS SO AMAZING. It's like listening to Sound Horizon CDs, only with more people. The songs that burst in the middle of conversations aslkhasdhl. Can you tell I'm used to listening to straight dialogue drama CDs? XD Soraru sounds so good as the main guy! ASK as the narrator (plus random singing at the last sample) FFFFFF ♥. Gero sounds good, too!

SOB. I hope there's a way to get the CD even if I'm outside Japan ;;. /wants it so badly.

Ok, end fangirling as I work on my sites. /o/


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