Mar. 2nd, 2010

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I totally skipped January sshhh XD.

I've been neglecting my own DW even if I post in comms here so I decided to post coherent things about fandom, mostly Vocaloid, utatte mita and anime-related, while I'm still thinking of what to do with my wordpress blog (yes, I'm a very busy person who totally overworks self in blogs huhuhu). I don't know how many of my friends here are alive and kickin' but if you feel that I/my posts are uninteresting, feel free to spare yourself the pain of boredom XD;. Most of the posts will be public, btw. Posts worthy of caution and lock will be in mintia@LJ.

Anyway, this February has been busy in both Vocaloid and utatte mita fandoms. There was KAITO's birthday, Vocaloid Master, and the end of the Nico Nico Taikai 2009-2010. I've made a rundown of my favorite covers/Vocaloid songs that appeared this month. :)

my top 20 utattemita songs for feb. )

my top 10 vocaloid songs for feb. )

It was a pretty interesting February. There were some things that made me @_@ like the invasion of Renai Circulation and Ura Omote Lovers covers but they were fun in their own way.

And I seriously need an intro/anchor post or something here...


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