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Kettaro-Mucchi Incident, in more detail.

Another utaite-related post, so non-fans, you can be relieved now :).

This is in relation to my post in ofurotaimu regarding Kettaro, a girl and a radio show scandal. I cannot include this translation in the community post because it's very sensitive and impolite to Kettaro. It might cause a stir in the comm, too, so I'm keeping this here.

I didn't write this because I think it's fun and interesting. I wrote this because I'm thoroughly disturbed by the issue and I need an outlet to let my opinions out. Since I don't want to keep explaining what happened, why disturbed, etc., I've included notes taken from the namahousou in question. To be honest, I am more disturbed with the way the issue was handled than the issue itself. I have my own opinions, which I will post after my summary. This post is locked, but not filtered and I trust that everyone will keep this within the confines of my DW/LJ. I personally think the issue was a breach of Kettaro's privacy and I do not wish to entertain public discussions about it. This post is just to let things off my chest as I've been really bothered by this this morning.

WARNINGS: The script under the cut is very TMI and graphic. I toned down the language because I can't take writing them but still, the thought is there. I think I want to strangle this girl after listening to the interview for Kettaro's sake, but anyway...If you are a Kettaro fan and you do not want to meddle in his private affairs, please skip this.

...I should include a do not read under 18 warning or something, I think..............

I don't want to post this in [community profile] ofurotaimu because I don't think posting details like these is needed, even if the video itself is public. I find the whole namahousou disgusting and tasteless and very, very sneaky. While I facepalm at Kettaro, I kind of fear the woman involved more. She is a real Internet predator, I think.

Translations are mixed up and edited/combined so they're not an exact script of the show. I skipped some, too.

(The girl is named as Tokumei-san)

Host: So, what is this about Kettaro-san?
Girl: Maa, we had sex.
Host: (lol-ing)
Host: Did you use protection?
Girl: Huh?
Host: I mean...you should have used, right?
Girl: We didn't in all those three times.
Host: Three times?!
Girl: Yeah. We didn't use at all.
Host: That's really...
Host: Did he release inside you?
Girl: Uh...not all the time? The first two times were outside, the last one was inside though.

Host: Did you formally date?
Girl: It was more like I loved him.
Host: Oh. Did you confess?
Girl: I did, but (something about the feeling being different)
Host: Oh, but you let him do you?
Girl: I didn't mind because I liked him.
Host: Oh, I see.
Girl: At the same time it was fun so.

Host: How did you get to meet Kettaro-san?
Girl: I was a big fan of Kettaro then and sent him messages in Mixi. Then we arranged to meet up.
Host: Yeah
Girl: Back then I felt like I was "the chosen one" when we met. So I was really happy.
Host: Okay.
Girl: That time I had the feeling "I don't want to go home" since it's like a dream, right?
Host: Of course.
Girl: And somehow I got invited into his house.
Host: Normally, yes.
Girl: So I went up the stairs and the feeling was like we were really going to do it and I was a bit nervous. After all I'm going to see his house and actually stay there. Then we entered his loft which had pink lighting.
Host: Pink lighting?!
Girl: I thought it was really nice then.
Host: Well...
Girl: And then he did that "come here" gesture and then it happened.

Host: Have you had any conversations with him, like "what is your dream" etc?
Girl: Oh we talked about that before we went to his house. It came up in our convo.
Host: And what did he say?
Girl: He said his dream is to have a threesome. And I was like, "Eh?" and "Don't you have any friends who do so?" and he said no.
Host: LOL-ing.
Girl: Mm
Host: Telling that to someone you had only gone out with once, isn't just a bit...like you're insinuating it?
Girl: It seems that way.
Host: Eh?

Host: So, back to Kettaro-san.
Girl: We went out once for karaoke and had a lot of fun. Then we drank...
Host: Eh? How old is Kettaro-san now?
Comments: 20.
Host: Then he's barely legal then, right?
Girl: I don't remember...I wrote it in my diary.
Host: Eh?!
Girl: But I think he did say it himself that he's underage.
Host: EH?!

(There was a bit of a confusing part here. Basically, the host asked the girl if she had met Mucchi and she said yes. Apparently, they met in Kettaro's house. I don't understand the garbled up convo, but basically, she tried coming onto Mucchi, too, who she said acted all innocently like a cute kid.)

Host: Eh? And then?
Girl: Then Kettaro came back and sat between me and Mucchi.
Host: He sat in the middle? Is he that type of person?
Girl: I think so. He seemed to be the type who goes "I don't care but I'm annoyed", you know.
Host: Ahh.
Girl: And then he placed his arm over my shoulder. Like protecting me or something.
Host: Yeah.
Girl: And we kind of did it.
Host: What?!
Girl: Yup.
Host: You used protection?
Girl: LOL-ing. No.
Host: Eh?!
Girl: Well, back then I love him so much so I didn't care if I get pregnant or not.
Host: That's true, but I guess it's better that you didn't have kids.
Girl: That's true.

(At this point, the host asked if she has met other utaite, and she said she only looks for people he likes, like Hanagoe. No one has seen Hanagoe's face but apparently she has, from inside a taxi. She said he doesn't look handsome, but she still likes him anyway.)

(The part here, I don't like because the host kept asking for links to Kettaro's blog, community, twitter and Skype ID.)

Girl: Our last meeting was Christmas, I think.
Host: Oh.
Girl: I was anticipating it and I even brought cake. Then I called him and he said he'll pick me up. Then we went to his house. And he said I shouldn't have bothered buying the cake and all. So I wondered if I should go home then since he looked pissed. But I liked him so much then so I decided to try again and buy a Christmas card and stuff. And then we did it again.
Host: (unintelligible remark here)
Girl: (laughing)
Girl: Well, that was it.

(The host asked if she knows Kettaro's Skype and if she's willing to share, but she said she's Skyping him on a private account and didn't share.)

Host: Okay, thank you very much for your time.
Girl: It was my pleasure
(At this point, the girl hung up but the host called her again)

Girl: Hello.
Host: One more question since it's bothering me. How was Kettaro-san (in bed)?
Girl: Hmmm..?
Host: Like did he have weird quirks or attitude while doing it?
Girl: Mmm....I must say he's a bit of an M.
Host: ?
Girl: Like he's says, "Iya da..." (I don't want it) and stuff.
Host: Really?!
Girl: He's that type, I think.
Girl: He likes feeling it, too, I think. (A kanjiru type of person)
Host: Did he ever command you to, IDK, take it or something?
Girl: Not really. He was more of "I'm embarrassed" type, you know.
Host: ?!?!?!?!
Host: And about his...
Girl: It was of normal size, I think.
Host: Okay, thank you very much.

(more spazz from the host here including some sort of talk about school bags, but I didn't translate it anymore. the previous set convo was really TMI and I had difficulty looking for words that would make it seem less invasive and offensive but in the end I just omitted the vulgar words and made it more vague. sorry. I can't stomach writing these things down when it's not in fics.)


First, I'd like to apologize for any heartache or brain-breakage this translation has given. I didn't want to write it (and originally didn't share at ofurotaimu) but I feel the need to let this out so it'll stop bothering me all day.

Some people say it's Kettaro's fault that this happened. But with the way the radio show went, I think it's the other way around, to be honest. I said the video is "incriminating" but I actually pity Kettaro after listening to it. One reason I wrote out the partial script is for those who cannot understand the show, so that they will be aware what kind of person was the girl Kettaro "wronged" and why am I treating him like the victim here instead of the girl.

As for my reaction to the girl: What a glorious bitch. Honestly. I don't think there'd be a proper girl who could spill stuff like that so easily especially about a person she used to admire. I don't know the reason why she did this but it was very rude, invading and stupid of her. I personally think she's having fun with all those "revelations" with the way she was laughing all throughout. She might be "wronged" or something but definitely not forced or fooled into doing these things, hence, I don't think there is a need to publicize such things in detail. Also, admitting to coming on to Mucchi, too? WTF? A real Internet predator?

As for my reaction to the host: He needs a life. Or get a girlfriend. And stop posting/talking about private interests/lives of people. The interview was really uncalled for, with the issue already blown out of proportion. The questions he asked were really provokingly rude and low too. I question the purpose of this interview to be honest (and why it was even recorded).

I don't want to talk about Kettaro's hobbies of picking girls off the net and having sex with them (if I want to be blunt, yes). While I don't approve of it and I'm really shocked at the revelations, it's a pretty normal thing with guys and it's bound to happen to anyone, not only to them but to even more popular people. So what's the big deal? No one's a saint :/. He didn't break any laws as far as I know (underage drinking? lol) and he hasn't caused distress to anyone aside from this particular girl who didn't seem all that distressed anyway. (I honestly think, based on the girl's answers, that Kettaro was serious with her. At least at that time, but IDK what use that observation is now...)

I don't know the whole story so that's why I'm all defensive here. But I already know most of what happened and I still don't get the point of the issue aside from the fact that it's entertaining to know about people's private lives, right Nico Nico Douga? So I hope they cut Kettaro some slack and let him live through this with his present relationship intact. He is a nice singer and is generally a nice person as most of his fans say, so this thing is little compared to what he really is, imo. I still think he's an amazing person with an amazing voice. I just think he has really amazing luck...or bad taste in women. And he needs to be more careful. And pick better women who wouldn't talk to the world about their sex lives, honestly ._.;.

HAH. I've said all. I will forget about this then and continue with my life. I'm very, very sorry to anyone who I might have offended with this post. I was facepalming all the time I was writing this although I admit I laughed a little at the pink lighting (sorry ;_;. it's just that. PINK FFFF). I hope this post would be of help to people wanting to know about the issue in detail, though. It's not very pleasant to read it but it'll give you a lesson in life: do not pick up weird obsessive girls from mixi Be careful when meeting people from the Internet for the first time, no matter how close you are.

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