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Clear's namahousou (090210) report

I only listened to 1/2 of the show, but there were a lot of interesting stuff in it already that I managed to write enough for an entry XD;. This live has a lot of revelations, from clewota's weird relationship, to clear's family background, to how clear reacts when he sees himself in a poster, to the big "what do dasoku and clear do inside the soundproofed room?" question.

The last part was a joke, but you know that already :D.

Clear's namahousou (Sept. 02, 2010)

• Clear thanked the fans for watching the concert, and if they are buying his CD in the future.

• The listeners pointed out that they can hear clear's mouse clicking louder than his voice (and his mouse-clicking is way insane. like "clickclicklick" random successions orz).
Clear: Eh? Really? Hmm...
Clear: Okay, I'll stop clicking my mouse.
Listeners: ...
Clear: ...
Clear: ...Is it really that loud? ;;
* turns down mic, fiddles with controls
Clear: How (mouseclickclick) is (clickclick) it? (clickclickclickclick)
Listeners: ...
Clear: Can you still hear it? (clickclickclick) Can you? (clickclick) Nee (clickclick) Nee, nee (clickclick). You still do, right? LOLOL
Listeners: ....f-faintly?
Clear: Ah it can't be helped :D :D

• Clear unconsciously ends his lines with "ne~"
Clear: Somehow I ended up sounding like Minmin.
Listeners: LOL
Clear: Excuse me, I am not imitating Minmin, okay. Minmin is imitating me. Right. She's the one imitating me.
Wotamin (comment): I'm sorry.
Clear: See? See? She just apologized lol. She's the one imitating me ;;.
Clear: But my interface... I imitated it from Minmin, ehehe.
Listeners: Really ^^;;.
Clear: Yeah. See, Minmin imitates me. Then I imitate her interface /dying with laughter
Listeners: ^^;;;;

• Clear talks about his mic and people said they wanted to hear
Clear: Kikitai? What do you guys want to hear?
Listeners: Clewota \o/
Clear: Clewota, huh. What kind of clewota do you want to hear? We haven't been in a collab for ages, right ;;. "Ggrks" was eons ago LOL.
Listeners: But there's "Juvenile"!
Clear: Oh yeah. Thank you very much for the support on "Juvenile"! I worked so hard on that, you know ;_;.

• Wotamin comments "peropero" (licking sfx)
Clear: Ah, Minmin left a weird-- peropero?
Clear: ...I...do not peropero www
Clear: It seems that Minmin wants to peropero!
Listeners: ...
Clear: I want to peropero Minmin?
Clear: Iya...so dirty XD.
Listeners: o////o
Clear: Okay, never mind. You didn't hear that. I'll stop now...

• Clear ponders on what to do next summer vacation.
Clear: Heh, so school has started huh. Wow. Maybe next summer, I'll go home to Kumamoto for a bit.
Listener: YAY!
Clear: Eh?! What are you yay-ing for? It's not like there'll be an event lolol. I'll just secretly go home. ._.

Clear: Uwa, I want to go back badly now. I want to eat delicious food ;;.
Listeners: You're going to see mom!
Clear: Mom, lol.
Clear: Actually...I don't have a mom, though. LOLOL.
Listeners: TAT!!!
Clear: I wanted it to sound a bit sadder but looool.
Clear: (serious) I...really don't have a mom.
Listeners: ; o ; Is she dead?
Clear: No, LOL. Actually I have one. But they got divorced when we were young so...and we kind of don't remember her. She never contacted us so I don't know her ^^;;.
Listeners: But what about your little sister?
Clear: Well, my sister, used to meet her when she was very little. A long time ago.
Listeners: And you?
Clear: No, we didn't meet at all.
(this is where nikki gets exceptionally sad :( )

Listener: I want to marry into your family! Papa, marry me.
Clear: Eh? You mean marry my dad?! LMAO.
AtarimeP: Adopt me! I'll make our family happy!!
Clear: LOLOL.

(somewhere in the middle, clear practices his Kumamoto dialect)

• Clear says "What are you doing now?" in Kumamoto dialect
Clear: Yeah, I think it's pronounced like that.
Clear: Nero and I...yeah, a long time ago, we used to ask each other that when we talk on the phone.
Listener: And then he'd say "Come here quickly!"
Clear: That is so M, LOL!
Listener: "Okay, I understand."
Clear: That is so M, oi!

(And then clear talks about food in Kumamoto, how they are low in calories and stuff :|; he got a little excited about food and was sporting Kumamoto dialect all throughout this segment, esp. when he was saying "delicious!" and "so delicious it's dangerous", etc. ^^;.)

• Clear talks about his album...and his virginity.
Clear: So, people were asking me why the D and T in DearesT are capitalized and if there's a special meaning. It doesn't mean that I'm a doutei (virgin) as some comments say, okay?
Listeners: Eh? LOLOL.
Clear: I'm not a virgin.
Listeners: You're not a virgin anymore?! <-- comment spam
Clear: Iya, I don't know...
Listeners: You don't know?!
Listeners: Are you "coming out"??
Clear: I don't understand you guys.
(at this point, nikki is wondering how much revelations she can take)

• Clear talks about his Animate expeditions
Clear: I don't usually visit Animate stores. I think. Yeah, I've never.
Listeners: Ehhh
Clear: No, I've never entered. That's why yesterday, I went to the one in Ikebukuro and was surprised at the poster... my poster put up in the shop.
Clear: And then, was it okay to take pictures in there? I mean...there wasn't any sign but I thought it wasn't allowed. I didn't want to be scolded so I went up to the storekeeper and asked, "Um, is it...okay to t-take a picture of that? *points to poster*"
Listeners: LMFAO
Clear: And then the storekeeper said yes and I asked "Is it okay if you take the picture of the poster and me? ;;" And when s/he said yes, I took out the sample copy I had, put it on my head and had my picture taken just like that.
Listeners: LOLOL
Clear: And then somehow they discovered that it was me and asked me to sign (the poster? the cd?). Waaah.
(well...who would have that kind of picture taken ^^;;;)

• Someone asks if clear's utaite status has been ever found out by family.
Clear: Recently, yeah. My sister had found out, definitely, LOL.
Clear: She gave me an, "Oniichan, what are you doing?" look.
Clear: It seems that all of my friends already know though ^^;. I'm kinda scared LOL.

And in case you don't know already, I gave in and made this adorable man a fansite.

Yeaaah. Only news and public stuff will be there, though. Translations like this will always be under lock :).

Okay, I just realized I haven't eaten both breakfast and lunch. And it's 3PM. I need to find something to eat ==;

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